Browtowe Consults on 300 Homes on Bramcote’s Green Belt

Paul Nathanail Chair of Bramcote Neighbourhood Forum comments on correspondence received this morning from Broxtowe Borough Council:

The council writes: “The Council is consulting upon potential additional sites which could be the subject of future development to meet the needs arising from the Core Strategy. These are sites which were not included in the Site Allocations Issues and Options consultation in 2013.  

We are now inviting your views on sites identified in the consultation; this is your opportunity to guide future development in your area. The responses from this consultation will help us to select sites to allocate for development and will help to identify and address issues that need to be considered at a local level.  

The consultation details and response forms can be found online via the following link: or paper copies can be viewed at the Council Offices on Foster Avenue, Beeston, NG9 1AB or in libraries across the borough. 

Responses should be made online or on the appropriate forms. The consultation period will run from Monday 22nd August to 5.00pm Monday 3rd October 2016. Please note that all representations must be received within this time.

For more information, contact Broxtowe Borough Council on 0115 917 3452, email or visit

Paul Nathanail identifies that for Bramcote this would mean 300 homes in the Green Belt along the Coventry Lane playing Fields. His detailed comments are:

Residents of Bramcote will be ‘interested’ to note that Broxtowe has identified a “potential additional site” that could take 300 (three hundred) homes in the Green Belt within Bramcote – this number of houses is just under 5% of the TOTAL needed for the WHOLE Borough for the ENTIRE duration of the Aligned Core Strategy. Since Bramcote is in the built up area of Broxtowe, this number of houses amounts to around 10% of the housing needed in the built up area.

The ‘Site’ includes all of Bramcote Hills Park and the land occuppied by Bramcote Hills Primary School, Bramcote School,Bramcote 6th form college, Foxwood and the Leisure Centre as well as the Moor Lane running track area and the Coventry Lane playing Fields.

Although the Broxtowe map is very poor in the way it shows this, it SEEMS as though the 300 houses would all be located on the Coventry Lane playing fields and access to the homes would be via Coventry Lane while access to schools would continue to be via Moor Lane. Additional land, already allocated in the 2004 Local Plan, is set aside for the WHP School redevelopment – although that land includes BHPS and Foxwood.

While the much needed redevelopment of the school buildings – which would be within the green belt – could be appropriate development in the green belt, housing is not and this would require loss of the green in Bramcote.

I would encourage local residents to engage with the consultation process and provide Broxtowe with feedback – whether you support, oppose or just want to comment on the proposal please engage.

The Bramcote Neighbourhood Forum has events planned in September and October to feed into the planning policies for the emerging neighbourhood plan for Bramcote. We will organise a separate meeting to allow members of the Forum to discuss the council’s proposal with a view to coming to an agreed view on the proposal – more on this to follow.

If you live in Bramcote and are not a member of the forum but would like to add your voice to shaping Bramcote’s future then please join at

Paul Nathanail
Chair, Bramcote Neighbourhood Forum

[Click on the link to find the Potential Additional Sites 2016 ]

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4 Responses to Browtowe Consults on 300 Homes on Bramcote’s Green Belt

  1. Pete Chesney says:

    One comment regarding the consultation questions…

    The final question asks if you know of any other alternative development sites that could be included/considered, or something along those lines. This isn’t worded very well as it doesn’t give you an option to say ‘you don’t know’. So you either provide alternatives or you state you don’t know of any, which could perhaps be interpreted(?) as saying the proposed sites are the only ones you can think of for the housing needed etc.

    Personally, I am not qualified to identify suitable development sites. If you’re like me I would suggest answering ‘yes’, which gives you a text box in which you can then say that there may well be valid alternatives (e.g. brownfield sites) but that you’re not in a position to know – or something like that.

    Just a suggestion.

  2. Pete Chesney says:

    300 houses on that field? Are they going to be hobbit holes?!

    I’ve registered my objection to the houses on the link provided. One of the stated aims of the plan is to protect and improve wildlife corridors etc. Surely building on a greenfield site goes against this aim.

    I think the redevelopment of the schools/college is fair enough (if done in the existing footprint), as the state of the current buildings do a disservice to the area and it’s children. Although I guess this may be at least partially funded by the sale of the fields for the housing… (feeling slightly conflicted)

  3. Susan Bullock says:

    I have forwarded my objection using the online form,but did not answer the final question (about knowing of alternative development sites) at all and did not need to, as the online form still submitted without any errors and without having to answer either yes or no. So it seems that you can just leave this question blank.

  4. Steve Austin says:

    From Broxtowe Borough Council Communications Department: A comment about the consultation which was launched yesterday.

    “There are no specific proposals as yet for development in the area. The Council is consulting local residents on potential sites and is keen to hear from as many people as possible. A revised site notice, which shows this more clearly, will be issued shortly.”

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