Bigfish Schoolwear now have the PE kits in stock for The Bramcote School.

Bigfish Schoolwear now have the PE kits in stock for The Bramcote School. 

The website is currently being updated and the PE Kits will be available soon.

You can visit them by clicking here or you can visit them on Facebook by clicking here.

The PE Kit will soon be available for delivery and they are also trying to organise a pop up shop at the School or possibly a local Community Centre.  

The prices are listed below for your information.

¼ Zip Tracksuit Top – OR031 (Orion) 28”< – £19.99 30”> – £21.99

Training T-Shirt – OR050 (Orion) 28”< – £13.99 30”> – £15.99

Gym Short – OR123 (Orion) 28”< – £8.99 30”> – £9.99

Games Socks – Black with coloured turnover top (Red or Sky) (Falcon) Shoe Size 3-6< – £5.50 Shoe Size 7-13 – £5.99

Tracksuit Pants   (Orion) 28”< – £19.99 30”> – £22.99

Base Layer Leggings – RH011 (Rhino) 28”< – £16.99 30”> – £18.99

Base Layer Long Sleeve – RH001 (Rhino) 28”< – £15.50 30”> – £16.99

Compulsory Option 1 

1/4 Zip, T-shirt, Shorts & Socks   Junior (non-vatable) £45.00         Senior (vatable) £50.00

Compulsory Option 2 

1/4 Zip, T-shirt, Tracksuits     Junior (non-vatable) £50.00        Senior (vatable) £58.00

Compulsory Option 3

1/4 Zip, T-shirt, Leggings    Junior (non-vatable) £48.00         Senior (vatable) £55.00

About Sue Sambells

Editor of Bramcote Today. Chair of Nottinghamshire Neighbourhood Watch (NottsWatch). Lead Coordinator for RVR, Bramcote - Neighbourhood Watch Scheme
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2 Responses to Bigfish Schoolwear now have the PE kits in stock for The Bramcote School.

  1. Thank you for posting this for me. I am currently working with this company to try and help the Uniform get out to those who need it asap.

    If the School can’t do a Pop Up Shop asap then I am organising one to help at a local Community Centre to help local residents.

  2. Sue Sambells says:

    Richard MacRae has advised Bigfish Schoolwear will be at the New Stapleford Community Centre on Thursday 25th August with the new PE Kit.
    There will be a full range of sizes to try on and stock will also available for sale too.

    The doors are open 12-2 pm.

    New Stapleford Community Centre, Washington Drive, Stapleford, NG9 8PY


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