Where Did It All Go Wrong?

Elaine Morris Writes: Recently, Bramcote Hills Community Association (BHCA) cancelled an event. This was a sad decision and was not taken lightly.

The event was an afternoon tea party, specifically aimed at residents who find it difficult to get out and about and may not have the opportunity to attend social gatherings.

The event was promoted at BHCA AGM and it was advertised in the newsletter. An article appeared on Bramcote Today, and in White Hills Park school newsletter, with an appeal to readers, parents and pupils to consider any of their neighbours who might benefit from attending.

The event was cancelled when, on the closing date, 10 bookings had been received. The majority of those bookings were not individuals who would be classed as socially isolated.

There is much discussion in the press about loneliness, particularly among the elderly, and BHCA committee members felt that there were residents who would benefit from these efforts being made on their behalf.

Were we wrong? – are there no socially isolated residents in Bramcote Hills?

If there are – how can we reach them?

Please join in the debate and help us understand if it is worth trying to create this sort of event in the future, and, if we do, how do we reach those who would most benefit from attending.

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5 Responses to Where Did It All Go Wrong?

  1. nikkicleaver says:

    Hi I offer adult ed community courses and I am always keen to recruit the socially isolated. However, It is an uphill task and I am now coming round to thinking that the best way is to find an existing group(s) and work with them. From this encourage everyone to bring a friend.This then takes away the fear, uncertainty, lack of confidence that people might have in joining something new, which is always daunting even for confident and outgoing people. Always happy to thrash out ideas about this. If you’d like to Nikki Cleaver ncleaver@wea.org.uk

  2. Elaine Morris says:

    Can anyone suggest any local groups I could work with to develop these ideas?

  3. Martin Plackett says:

    May I suggest Elaine you visit both the Wednesday Coffee Morning and the Thursday Silver Surfers at St Mchaels Church Centre. Both Groups are flourishing and exist to serve the folk in our Community who you too are wishing to reach.

    • Elaine Morris says:

      Thanks Martin, I coach at Silver Surfers so am aware of the catchment there. It was difficult to advertise the party at Silver Surfers as the two events clashed. As co-ordinator of Bramcote Care Group I am also aware of the needs of the users of that service. I suppose I was trying to reach residents who may have little or no other opportunity to get out, this is proving difficult/impossible ……………… but I have not let that stop me before!

  4. Matin Plackett says:

    That’s a really positive approach Elaine. Always happy to help, keep in touch. Martin

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