Decision on Planning Application delayed

Having spoken today with Emma Palmer-Barnes at Broxtowe BC Planning Department, I understand that the Planning Application (Ref: 14/00677) for an Old Peoples Complex on the Old Golf Course has been delayed because the officers in the Planning Department are waiting for a report on the viability of an Old Peoples Complex at that site.

The decision to approve or reject the Planning Application may be taken by the Planning Committee at their meeting on 15 June but the report has not yet been delivered so the decision could be delayed even further until the meeting on 20 July.

I understand also that further comments about this planning application can still be made by members of the public right up to the day of the decision.

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5 Responses to Decision on Planning Application delayed

  1. Graham Taylor says:

    Lets hope this application is rejected out of hand.

    • RichHartman says:

      Let’s hope not – it ought to be given proper and careful consideration, even if the council decides to reject it.

  2. Howard Shakespeare says:

    Viability of the complex is a good point.
    The topography of the proposed site does not lend itself to aged or infirmed people.
    The site is also a significant distance to the nearest main road, Deddington Lane. It would seem unlikely that a bus service would be provided to such a small number of homes.

    • RichHartman says:

      The plan I saw on the council website shows the housing site is only a short way from Deddington Lane, where there is also a bus stop.
      Plenty of old people who prefer this type of ‘sheltered’ environment are still able to walk. I know many ‘old’ people who don’t live on flat streets (myself & Howard included).
      This isn’t a public park, but some of it might become a park if planning consent is given for the houses.
      Having failed to curb in-migration from Europe and beyond, our government says that this population growth has to be accommodated, Bramcote isn’t excluded, and so it tells councils not to stand in the way of more houses being built. Our MP tells us she will protect the greenbelt from development (but hasn’t). So here’s a non-greenbelt area to build on and provide the sort of housing which will be snapped up by those who really need it.

      • Mike Johnson says:

        Hi Richard
        The land that was the Bramcote Hills Golf Course is not Green Belt but has a higher protection as it is now Protected Open Space. I quote from a recent document published by Broxtowe Bourough Council “Bramcote Hills Golf Club, Thoresby Road, Bramcote SITE REFERENCE: 127
        The site forms part of a Protected Open Area and a Prominent Area for Special Protection, as well as being protected as open space. It is steeply sloped with access problems and represents an original characteristic of the ‘Bramcote Hills’ area forming part of the prominent Bramcote Ridge. It is therefore considered to be unsuitable for development.”
        The Land is an integral part of a Wildlife Corridor from the countryside towards Nottingham near Wollaton Park.

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