A press release from the Rt Hon Anna Soubry MP

Anna SoubryBroxtowe MP, Anna Soubry has welcomed work on making a dangerous tram route safer for cyclists. Anna has been campaigning for a better route and signs after 43 constituents suffered serious injuries on High/ Chilwell Road. Most accidents occurred when cyclists’ wheels got caught in the tram track. The work is due to start in the next few days and comes after the police and officials from Broxtowe and Nottinghamshire County Council met Anna as part of her campaign.

Anna said “I am delighted that these changes are now being implemented. It’s taken too long and too many cyclists have suffered very serious injuries.  Within a few days of my meeting some warning signs went up and we believe the number of accidents has already fallen. “

Anna believes the dangers to cyclists were foreseeable when the plans were drawn up by NET and is supporting cyclists who have suffered injuries in their claims against NET and Nottingham City Council. ” I always said it was the wrong route but we need to learn from this entire episode and ensure all transport infrastructure includes safe cycling routes and pavements” . 

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8 Responses to A press release from the Rt Hon Anna Soubry MP

  1. Richard Willan says:

    Forgive me if I’m wrong, but this evening I spotted new road markings for cyclists on Chilwell Road indicating that they should move onto the pavement before the tram platforms and then to move back onto the road immediately afterwards. I fail to see how this solution will please anyone. Pedestrians at tram stops will be sharing space with cyclists, vehicle drivers will need to be alert for cyclists moving off the pavement and cyclists will be frustrated that they have to slow right down to negotiate an obstacle course. Chilwell Road is difficult for cyclists but I can’t see how the new arrangements are going to help. Most cyclists will continue to stay on the road.

    But I’m not surprised. Cyclists have always been given ‘lip service’ by transport planners throughout the Nottingham conurbation. For example, try sticking to the Sustrans National Route 6 between Long Eaton and Hucknall. It’s a nightmare for competent adult cyclists who do the decent thing and try to adhere to the route.

    • Robin T says:

      I’m afraid you’re right Richard. I remember from the beginning Ms Soubry appreciating that it’s experienced cyclists who are having accidents too. The new road markings are NOT new routes, they are often sharp-angled detours onto pavements over not-very-flush dropped kerbs which have always existed but which cyclists are avoiding because they’re poorly designed.

    • RichHartman says:

      Trouble with cyclists is that even if you give them their own safe segregated route (cycle track on Univ Boulevard) they use the road itself and so reduce capacity for motor vehicles and put themselves in danger; give them traffic lights and they sail through red ones; give them roads and they ride on pavements; ban cyclists on Beeston High Road outside commuting hours and they still sail through illegally, scattering pedestrians in their path. So let’s not pander to the suggestion that cyclists are hard done-by because they don’t look where they are going when they are on a “dangerous tram route” (sic, Soubry).

      • Richard Willan says:

        Mr Hartman – I can’t let your views go unchallenged. The vast majority of cyclists ride sensibly and obey the highway code. For every cyclist who ‘scatters a pedestrian’ there are hundreds of motorists who exceed the speed limit on Bramcote Lane, overtake on the inside on Univ Boulevard, park on pavements, pass dangerously close and have disregard to others. To deny cyclists a safe and well thought out route is pandering to an entrenched vehicle lobby. Incidentally, the Highway Code does not require cyclists to use cycle tracks and cycle lane.

  2. Howard Shakespeare says:

    Hopefully the city council will have learned their lesson, and there will be no more locomotive tracks on our roads. To call these vehicles trams, is like comparing a Cessna to a 747. They are entirely unsuitable and unsafe for mixed road usage.

    • RichHartman says:

      Howard, that’s silly. Shared road use with trams of this size happens all over Europe.

      • Howard Shakespeare says:

        Rich Hartman.
        That is correct. It is also true that they cause accidents all over Europe.
        Check it out on Google.

      • Ian Blakeley says:

        Can’t argue with Howard, Rich.

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