Archery Tournament in field between Moor Lane & Coventry Lane

Sharon Dicks, Secretary of Bramcote Archery Club writes: Bramcote Archery Club are hosting an Archery Tournament on Sunday 1st May 2016 on behalf of The Nottinghamshire Archery Society.

We would like to warn residents in and around the Moor Lane Area of traffic on the Bridle-path for access to this event. 

The Bridle-path gate will be open between 7am and closed at 11am and only re-opened when tournament has finished at approx 4.30pm and closed once all traffic is off the field.

Sign post will be up warning vehicles that they must be aware of pedestrians and to drive slowly to the field entrance along the Bridle-path.

People are more than welcome to come and view the event even to use the field as long as they please observe our safety area and do not go into the Blue roped off area, warning signs will be placed around the field.

Your cooperation and understanding in this matter would be greatly appreciated.  Sharon Dicks.

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