Approval for Phase 1 Development of 118 Dwellings at Field Farm Refused

Councillor Richard MacRae reports that Broxtowe Borough Council’s Planning Committee refused to approved the application for the phase 1 development of 118 dwellings at Field Farm at their meeting on Wednesday evening this week.

The recommendation from the Council’s Officers was:

The Committee is asked to RESOLVE that planning permission be refused for the following reasons:
Significant and demonstrable harm would be caused by the poor overall design quality of the development by reason of the appearance of the proposed buildings and the failure to create a distinctive place that responds to its context and maximises opportunities to improve the appearance of the immediate surroundings. The proposed development fails to achieve the aspirations of the Council for a development of exemplar design on this site, as identified in the Broxtowe Aligned Core Strategy. Accordingly the proposal is contrary to the aims of the National Planning Policy Framework (2012), in particular the guidance contained in paragraph 14 and section 7, and Policies 1, 2 and 10 and paragraph 3.2.14 of the Broxtowe Aligned Core Strategy (2014) and there are no material considerations of sufficiently compelling weight that outweigh the clear conflict with these established planning policies.


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2 Responses to Approval for Phase 1 Development of 118 Dwellings at Field Farm Refused

  1. Dr Allan Dodds says:

    This is excellent news. However, I would suggest a further reason for not permitting this development; viz that there is no planned transportation infrastructure in place to cater for the inevitable bottleneck that will be produced when hundreds of additional motor vehicles attempt to enter and leave the existing roads at peak traffic times. Traffic density at peak times is already a problem and this development is likely to be the straw that breaks the camel’s back as far as traffic congestion is concerned.

  2. Graham Taylor says:

    Quite correct. Too many developers want to build first and think about infrastructure later whereby it should be infrastructure first and development second.

    Good for BBC. If it goes to appeal and they lose it will be costly, but full marks to them. Traffic congestion here could be critical.

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