Bramcote School Move Consultation‏

Ian Hampton writes: I received a letter yesterday re consultation on Phase 1 of the redevelopment of the Bramcote School via my son at Bramcote Hills Primary. The letter gives very little detail (hardly any at all) but has a response to the consultation form attached!

I presumed there was more to the consultation online and prepared myself for a long read of a consultation document.

Unfortunately it is the same letter on the school website with the same form.

As a consultation proposal it leaves much to the imagination. There is no detail on what will happen to the Bramcote Park site other than a vague notion of a sale, nor clear assurances that there is currently enough space to accommodate the students at the Bramcote College building. Worryingly there is no mention of the increased traffic on Moor Lane at the Dean’s Croft/Moor Lane/Main School entrance pinch point that will result from the move to the college campus, together with even more cars parked and the subsequent endangerment of children crossing the street in that vicinity, which is already difficult. Even now, Moor Lane is vulnerable to gridlock, it will only take a small increase in traffic/parked cars to make that a common occurrence.

I had a quick trawl of the Bramcote Today website and Facebook page and couldn’t track down mention of this, so if I haven’t missed your publicising of this document/consultation then I am bringing it to your attention. If you have already made people aware of it, please take my comments on board.

Editor: We know little more than you. The plan is to close Bramcote School at the end of the next school year in 2017 because the buildings are in a very poor state. Pupils will be transferred to the Bramcote College building and then Bramcote School will be demolished. The plan is to sell the site and the funds generated will be used to build a new sixth form centre on the Bramcote College site. This was reported at the last Bramcote CAT Meeting on 7 March 2016 by Paul Heery, Executive Head of the White Hills Park Federation. See the minutes of this meeting at Reference in these minutes was made to consultation although we have not been directly advised of the link you have given.

We believe that the agents Savills have been asked to look at selling the land on which the Bramcote School stands but we have no idea for what it will be sold.

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9 Responses to Bramcote School Move Consultation‏

  1. B Farrow says:

    I think this is a bit of an over reaction on the traffic situation and is the building big enough – don’t forget that the “College Site” used to be a school in its own right… with a 7 or 8 form intake per year (8 * 30 = 240 students per year * 5 years = 1200 pupils + a 6th form building with approx. 150-200 students)

    Yes the original college building along with the upper school building (confusingly the one at the bottom of the hill) have been demolished, but still leaves a large capacity.

    The traffic will increase, but probably no more than it used to when Bramcote Comp operated from the site, plus I remember at least 8 school buses parked down moor lane, way past the primary school entrance.

    Lets not let traffic and “not in my back yard” concerns, stop a school which is struggling with costs of buildings and is trying to use the assets it has to its best advantage give the current climate and government policy.

    • RichHartman says:

      What about the Tory “promise” not to build houses on our “precious” greenbelt?

      • Ian Blakeley says:

        Don’t just single out the Tories Rich, most, if not all, people who want to get elected to any post will promise the world to get into power, and then say that others just didn’t understand what they were actually saying.

  2. patrickratcliffe says:

    I’ll blame the Tories, Ian.
    They could not have been more precise about their opposition to restructuring the Green Belt in any way. The only thing that can possibly be said in their favour is that they were so uninformed about what the Green Belt is, and what its purpose is, that they were totally unsuited for office.
    They made clear statements, and now they are trying to wriggle their way out of responsibility.

  3. RichHartman says:

    Ian – I understand your point, and don’t disagree with its generality, and I accept that some (many? most? all?) politicians promise what they think will garner votes and then find reasons not to deliver, but our MP trumpetted this so loudly that we should expect her to live up to her promise and she should be taken to task if she fails to deliver. Ms Soubry’s message about saving the greenbelt was loud and clear and no-one, not even Ms Soubry herself, can say they misunderstood her message on the subject.

  4. B Farrow says:

    Hate to rain on your tory bashing green belt parade! Technically the Bramcote Park School would be classed as brown field site, as its already been developed! so no green belt building going on with that phase of the project!

    • RichHartman says:

      I think you’ll find it’s greenbelt. Check out the council green belt review document, sites 29 and 30 on page 95 onwards: and as for bashing the Tories, Soubry said she’d save our green belt: .

      • B Farrow says:

        So based on that consultation document of Feb 2015, what was the agreed* outcome for zone 30 – where the school is currently situated in phase one of the schools plan? Anyone know?

        “South of Bramcote Ridge (Zone 30)
        This site is considered partly suitable for residential and other development. The Bramcote
        Schools site and Leisure Centre is defined in the 2004 Local Plan as a major developed site in the Green Belt. Information from the school is that they are seeking funding to modernise and rationalise their accommodation to significantly improve the education provision for their students, and residential development on part of the land may be necessary to release funding. If so there are options available within this area which would have a minimal impact on the purposes of including land in the Green Belt. Broxtowe are in the process of reviewing Leisure provision and the outcome of this is not yet confirmed in so far as it would affect decisions over Bramcote Leisure centre, which is a large prominent building fronting the A52. Bramcote Hills Park and Bramcote Hill are unsuitable for any development.”

        So the wording here suggests the Park and Hill are preferred site not to be developed, but development else where in the site could be an option.

        *an agreed outcome by the elected borough council, which is also elected to represent interests in the green belt, next we’ll be blaming your local MEP, or the President of Europe!! – lets focus on the facts and understanding it and solving the problem in the interests of the whole community and the community of the future, not blaming people.

        Remember everywhere was a field once, think about the house you own in Bramcote and before a farmer cultivated it, possibly removing forest and woodland, a completely natural habitat – things do change over time, as we grow, develop and evolve!!

  5. Ian Blakeley says:

    For what it’s worth Patrick and Rich. I hate Thatcher and all that she stood for with a passion, I’m also none too impressed with the legacy she left us as a nation, the present bunch of millionaires mates don’t impress me either. Unfortunately (some would say) this works its way downwards so if you are a Tory Candidate for any POLITICAL post you have as much chance of getting my vote, as I have of becoming Queen of England. Incidentally, during the election that said Thatcher got into No. 10; I stood as a Tory Councillor in Gloucester in a strong Labour ward. Needless to say I didn’t get in. But I stand by my post. Have a nice weekend everyone.

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