Chetwynd Barracks Being Sold

The BBC reports: The Ministry of Defence is selling off Chetwynd Barracks in Chilwell.

It is one of 10 sites being released to provide land for 7,000 new homes and generate £140m, the MoD said.

Editor: No need to sacrifice more of the green belt and build in Bramcote? Over to you local politicians!!!

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14 Responses to Chetwynd Barracks Being Sold

  1. Further details available at:

    Notably the sites are described as “List of Defence sites for potential disposal ” and in any event the sale of Chetwynd Barracks is ‘not before 2020’ and will release land for 800 homes.


    “I will be doing what I can to try and save the Toton site that is due to be developed and make sure a part of that is gifted to the people of Broxtowe so we can enjoy that greenbelt land we have.” Anna Soubry MP

    What about the Field Farm site too?

    I have emailed our MP and asked that very question.

    • Steve Carr says:

      Pity she didn’t press the MOD harder when she was a Minister in it Richard. The Core Strategy would have looked very different. 😦

    • RichHartman says:

      Soubry tweets: “the only positive is we could now save our #Green Belt discussions already underway”.

      • Steve Carr says:

        Really. Shame that both Fields Farm and Toton have been granted outline planning permission. How does she propose to reverse that?

      • stevebarber says:

        Exactly Steve. What is possible and what the MP likes you to think she can achieve are poles apart. Ask yourself, other than some signs advising cyclists that there are tram tracks on Chilwell Road, what has she achieved for Broxtowe in six years?

  3. Jenny Wainwright says:

    I really hope they reconsider. There has been an army barracks on that site for as long as I remember. Apart from that, where will the military that are stationed there going to go? More cuts? In light of the world’s conflicts this seems an irresponsible thing to do.
    There are other places, I’m sure, that can be used for housing.

  4. I hope the redevelopment will leave the Memorial untouched. This is an important part not just of the history of Chilwell, but of WW1 history in Britain as a whole.

  5. Nick Palmer says:

    That’s interesting. When I represented Broxtowe I tried several times to get the MoD to release some of the land in order to relieve pressure on Toton and Field Farm, since it has been obvious for some time that the site is not in intensive use and the proximity to shopping and the tram link made it more suitable than most. The answer was always “not at this stage”.
    I take Jenny’s point, but I know that they’ve been moving forces for a while and I’m aware of at least one other site in the Midlands that they’re using, which I won’t discuss here in case there’s a confidential element. I think the Army honestly feels they don’t need it and it’s pointless to have it increasingly unused. It was however an important centre for reserve mobilisation, and it would be appropriate to ask whether this aspect is being properly catered for at alternative locations.
    A final point to bear in mind is the significant disruption for individuals and families working on the base (some military, some not). I hope that the 4-year period envisaged includes really good notice from everyone involved to adjust.

  6. Steve Carr says:

    I concur with Nick. It would have been very helpful for all concerned if the MOD had come up with this when the last administration at Broxtowe was asking them to 3 years ago. The current Core Strategy could have looked very, very different with regards to Toton and Fields Farm. I notice Anna has launched into the debate. Can anyone remind me what her role in Government was before her current one? I am pretty certain it was something in the MOD. And that the party she represents was even in Government. You could be forgiven reading the propaganda put through our door that the Conservatives were not in power nationally.

    No doubt, as always, it will be everyone else’s fault.

  7. stevebarber says:

    This will have no impact on the 5 year land supply target (contrary to Anna Soubry’s claim in the Nottingham Post ) as the land will be available post 2020. It could have impacted had this decision been made whilst Ms Soubry was at the ministry of defence.

  8. Sue Sambells says:

    News release from Broxtowe Borough Council:
    Issue Date: 29 March 2015


    In a joint statement, Councillor Richard Jackson, Leader of Broxtowe Borough Council and Councillor Alan Rhodes, Leader of Nottinghamshire County Council said:

    “Broxtowe and Nottinghamshire, in common with the rest of the UK, does need to identify land for new housing to meet the increasing demand, especially from young people wanting to get on the housing ladder. From that perspective, the potential availability of a new site is welcome.

    “However, the day that Chetwynd Barracks closes will be a sad day for Broxtowe and for Nottinghamshire.

    “We value the significant contribution the barracks brings to the local economy and take huge pride in hosting such a large contingent of armed forces personnel in our area, enhancing the positive relationship between the armed services and local communities.

    “We will seek to discuss the proposal with the MOD, in order to understand and assess the implications of the announcement.”

    • Joan Wade says:

      It is good that they recognise the potential impact on the local economy. The population of Chilwell is 14,000. About 1,500 people and their families will go from the area when the barracks close. Such a level of depopulation is rare and is likely to impact significantly on the local economy. Although in time new houses may be built this will not happen immediately.

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