Field Farm – Parallels with Planning Application in Wollaton

Sue Marshall writes: Although a resident of Bramcote (BBC – Broxtowe Borough Council) I have been deeply involved for the last 10 years in proposals to develop privately-owned allotment land at Wollaton (NCC – Nottingham City Council). Unfortunately this involvement has impacted on my ability to keep track of planning issues in my own borough… However, I thought you might be interested to see my website at (if you have not stumbled upon it already), especially the pages devoted to the history of the planning process and the current development plans.

In some respects this has been a lost battle, in that the NCC turned down the application for a third time, but the developers called for an Appeal and the Planning Inspector granted in favour. However, the Inspector did impose 25 Conditions; the Appeal Decision Report is available via a link on the webpage The Site/Planning & Development, and you will see that the Conditions are comprehensive. [Please note the NCC Planning website is occasionally unavailable – especially at weekends – for maintenance work.]

Only two local residents wrote in support of the development; the North Wollaton Residents Association and most of the tenant gardeners opposed consistently and firmly, as did our local Councillors and MP. The ecological work surveyed and reported by myself, other gardeners and a professional ecologist funded by the NWRA was to no avail; the word ‘mitigation’ appears to cover any ecological concerns. But at least ensuring mitigation processes does give a sense of comfort that the best has been done to help the wildlife.

The fact that the allotment site abuts the local nature reserves of Martin’s Pond and Harrison’s Plantation resonates with your situation; this factor has been taken into account in the developer’s plans and a buffer zone between the reserves and new residential development area is to be maintained.

I hope that you may find something pertinent – or even comforting – on BeforeTheBulldozer, and that it might spark even a tiny inspiration. I will be trying to do a catch up on your planning situation, and will submit comments if appropriate.

With kind regards


Tenant gardener, Radford Bridge Road Garden Holders’ Association Ltd. allotment site, off Russell Drive, Nottingham.

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