Urgent Action: Toton One Last Chance

mia-hs2-picI publish this information which was submitted by Toton Councillor, Mia Kee, to Bramcote Today’s Facebook page. Bramcote residents should be aware that the Green Belt in Bramcote may possibly be changed to accommodate the housing requirements of the Core Strategy. Bear in mind that our Bramcote Conservative Councillors stated in their election literature that they would defend the Green Belt.  Mia Kee writes: Since the elections, Toton Councillors and the new Conservative administration have been working hard to try and address the Core strategy as put together by the previous ruling Labour- Liberal Democrat coalition, that sets out plans to build a minimum of 500 homes at Toton. Whilst it appears that with the legalities of the Core strategy and the increased certainty of HS2, some development on that site inevitable, the current plans as they stand, fall well short of making the most of the opportunity of HS2. As such, we have been looking at possibilities of prioritising high quality employment and business on the site.

In a recent development, Nottingham City Council, has put forward a suggestion that they may be in a position to take a quota of housing from Toton, to ensure that the associated development by the HS2 station maximises the potential economic benefits to the whole region. Quite apart from the economic potential and possibilities with regard to job creation at the site, we have heard again and again from you that, business use on the site is the preferred option for the majority of residents, as this would reduce the pressure on our already over-loaded local services, infrastructure and over-subscribed excellent schools.

The consultation on the plans starts today. To ensure a full local consultation, we have made sure that, for the first time, consultation documents are going to EVERY home in Toton and to all homes within a radius of 500m of the site. I entirely appreciate that many people have already responded to consultations on numerous occasions, but it is VITAL that as many people as possible respond to this consultation, stating that they wish to prioritise high quality business development, over a mass housing estate. Whilst there is no guarantee that an inspector will agree to amend the strategy as it stands, this is our best and last chance to amend the current housing figures of 500 homes at Toton. Please share this information with all those who you think may wish to respond to the consultation- they do not need to live in Toton and Chilwell Meadows.

To respond to the consultation online go to online consultation

Via email to: policy@broxtowe.gov.uk

In writing to: Planning Policy Team, Broxtowe Borough Council, Foster Avenue, Beeston, Nottingham, NG9 1AB

Paper forms are also available at:
Council Offices at Foster Avenue, Beeston, Nottingham, NG9 1AB (8.30am to 5.00pm Monday – Thursday and 8.30am to 4.30pm on Fridays)
Toton Library Stapleford Lane, Toton, Nottingham, NG9 6GA (Monday 14:00-18:30, Wednesday 09:30-12:30 & 14:00-17:00, Friday 09:30-12:30 & 14:00-17:00, Saturday 09:30-13:00).

All responses must be received by the council by: 5.00pm Monday 23 November.

Where to view documents:
Broxtowe Borough Council’s website: http://www.broxtowe.gov.uk/hs2toton
Broxtowe Borough Council Offices: Foster Avenue, Beeston, Nottingham, NG9 1AB
(8.30am to 5.00pm Monday – Thursday and 8.30am to 4.30pm on Fridays);
Toton Library, Stapleford Lane, Toton, Nottinghamshire, NG9 6GA
(Monday 14:00-18:30, Wednesday 09:30-12:30 & 14:00-17:00, Friday 09:30-12:30 & 14:00-17:00, Saturday 09:30-13:00).

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14 Responses to Urgent Action: Toton One Last Chance

  1. Steve Carr says:

    I think it worth pointing out the the Conservative Administration spent £3500 on legal advice in an attempt to overturn the Core Strategy. They spent £3500 on advice that told them the strategy adopted by the previous Administration was sound. I will quote some of the findings

    “The exceptional circumstances which were found to justify the approach of limited incursions into the Green Belt consisted of the need to fulfil the objectively assessed housing need, the lack of available non-Green Belt sites, and that the hierarchical approach and strategic sites selected represented sustainable development. There is nothing at present to suggest that any of those circumstances have changed and thus I do not see how it could be argued that there is any sound basis for changing either the objectively assessed housing need figure or the approach for meeting that need.”

    Yet that is precisely what the Conservatives have done.

    In summing up, the Legal Adviser (who is a eminent planning expert), said this

    “Overall, having adopted a sound Core Strategy relatively recently which is based on a sound, up-to-date evidence base and there being no material changes in national policy, I consider the Council will face a real uphill struggle should they seek to persuade an independent inspector that reducing the objectively assessed housing need for Broxtowe and or removing the acceptability of the principle of reviewing Green Belt boundaries in the Core Strategy is sound.”

    Yet that is what the Conservatives have done.

    The Conservatives are playing fast and loose with this very important issue. One of the dangers of the Tory approach is that the 98% of the Green Belt that has been protected will be at risk if developers see any chinks in the Local Plan of the Council.

    I just wish the Conservatives will just admit that some councillors won last May on the basis of unachieveable promises re the Green Belt.

    • Rufus Rattrey says:

      Paul Nathanail posted, on 21st September, his consistently expressed view, his sensible view, that the Green Belt should be left alone, and that development should take place elsewhere – Beeston Town Centre – along the tram route – and it should be denser and reach upwards not outwards.
      He further stated the blindingly obvious, that those same local Tories would seek to blame the previous administration for the failure of the same said Tories, to keep those very dubious promises – to Save Our Green Belt – which won them an election victory.
      So we now read, from the Liberals, that, surprise, surprise, a Tory report has backed the Liberal’s ‘sound’ judgement, and at the same time, gives the Tories their excuse for inaction, since their election on false promises.
      In my opinion, both are as bad as each other, each cheating the ordinary man and woman out of what they want – green, open, public, accessible space.
      And while all this goes on, I search, without success, for answers to these questions from Paul Nathanail and Graham Taylor (posted 21st September) to those self same 3 local Tory councillors.
      Questions posed, Answers none. Simply a deafening silence.
      It really is difficult, isn’t it, to defend lies?

      • Steve Carr says:

        To be fair to the Conservatives it isn’t their legal report. It was commissioned by the new council and paid for by taxpayers. Although of course they are in charge. The view of the QC that the original Core Strategy was sound was arrived at without any influence from political parties.

        With regards to Beeston Town Centre, where would the number of houses that need to be built go? Where is the capacity? I appreciate that there can be some combined housing/ retail on the old car park site and perhaps housing/commerce on the Bartons site but this would be nowhere near enough to meet land availability figures and the required 6150 houses needed.

        I hope everyone does respond to the consultation but at the end of the day it will the new Conservative Council that makes these difficult decisions now.

  2. Ruth M says:

    The need for housing is a reality and the core strategy taken seriously. I would much rather look at a residential housing development than an industrial estate or retail park or offices. New developments these days are well designed and carefully planned and encourage plentiful wildlife into the gardens and green landscaping. The mention of green belt gets peoples backs up but this land is mostly grade 2 agricultural and most likely sprayed when crops are on it. The habitat in the green corridor and landscaping will be healthier.It will also bring great prosperity to the area.

    • Mike Johnson says:

      Prosperity comes from working in well paid jobs. Once houses are built they do not create much work unless the residents spend money in the area. Yes we do need more houses, but offices and other work places will be needed for the people who will live in the new houses.

      • Steve Carr says:

        Mike. Don’t forget that there is a minimum requirement for employment development at Toton and a minimum requirement for open space. As well as a minimum requirement for housing. Increasing the amount of employment land can really only be achieved by denser housing and or getting rid of the tram park and ride.

  3. Folks may wish to peruse the paperwork issued for last Tuesday’s Council Cabinet meeting; interesting to search for references to green belt; Toton; Field Farm; Bramcote

    The QC opinion referred to in comments above is available on page 147 (Search for “IN THE MATTER OF”)

    • Rufus Rattrey says:

      My thanks to Paul Nathanail for the public reference to the advice notes from Council Officers to BBC Cabinet, and for his pointer to the opinions of Morag Ellis QC on potential changes – and all for only £3500 of taxpayers money!
      Being NO expert in planning, I would be very happy for Paul to correct my inexpert observations.
      It appears that Council Officers are continuing to display closed minds on where land development can take place. Their lack of creative thinking is stunning. They seem very keen to reinforce their view that their previous strategy pushed in Part 1, and rushed through under cover of time constraints by the previous administration, was not only correct, but also not for turning.
      The whole Green Belt Destruction process seems to be being orchestrated by said Council Officers under the command of the development industry, together with their legal teams, NOT by public opinion, and the legal technicalities, of planning law, are clearly being used to subvert what the public want.
      Can our Tory representatives serve both their business masters and the public will?

      • Dear Rufus – I think it is for others to comment on your observations. I merely wanted to make sure everyone had access to the information so they can make up their own minds.

  4. And buried in the 200+ page document… news of the Council’s intentions for Beeston Town Centre Phase 2:

    60.1 Beeston Town Centre Advisory Committee – 10 September 2015
    The Square Phase 2 – Procurement Aspects
    RESOLVED that:
    1. Specialist advisors be appointed to assist in delivering the
    aspiration of a cinema-based evening economy and high quality
    public realm at The Square phase 2, delivered via the OJEU

    Perhaps one of our councillors could confirm what if any provision of residential accommodation there is intended to be in Phase 2. Given the previous council’s lament that Phase 1 did not deliver any extra residential, it would be nice to know that things will be different in Phase 2.

    • Joan Wade says:

      The primary focus of the Beeston Square Phase 2 development needs to be retail and other public leisure activities. It is most important that this site acts as a catalyst to draw people off the tram and into Beeston High Street.

  5. Barry Morrison says:

    Once again showing that Chilwell High Road traders can go and whistle

  6. Paul Nathanail says:

    and the secondary focus needs to be residential…

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