Moor Lane Field Village Green Application: Request for Statements of Evidence

Paul Nathanail writes:  Nottinghamshire County Council Rights of Way have deemed that an application made by the Planning Sub-committee of the Bramcote Hills Community Association to have the area of the Moor Lane Field declared a village green was valid. Further details have been requested about the land and its historical use by the local community.

Such status would help safeguard the area from development. You can read more about Village Greens at the Defra website:

The application requires evidence of the way the land has been used over the past 20 years. As part of the original application, a number of Bramcote residents submitted witness statements attesting to the continued use of the land for a variety of uses by the community.

We would welcome as many witness statements as possible to support the application to help the County Council determine that the Moor Lane FIelds merits the status of a Village Green. We are ideally looking for evidence that goes back as far as possible and certainly would be grateful for evidence of how the land has been used going back to 1995 and beyond.

If you could complete the form available via the link below, sign and send it back by Friday 4 September 2015 we would be most grateful. If you have any questions please do get back to Paul at the address on the form.

Village Green Questionnaire

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