Bramcote School Development Plans – Bramcote CAT Meeting 7 September

In one of his comments on Bramcote Today Councillor Martin Plackett says that Paul Heery, the Executive Head of the White Hills Park Federation, has been invited to speak at the CAT Meeting on 7 September. I do hope Mr Heery comes to the meeting

After the debacle of the new signs on the school playing fields which has alienated local residents, I am sure many of you will want to attend the meeting to attend the CAT Meeting to hear about why the signs were erected but, more importantly, to hear the latest information on The Bramcote School development plans and what this development offers to the community. I am sure you will have many questions.

As well as being an Editor of Bramcote Today, I am also Chair of Bramcote Hills Community Association. The objective of the Association is to make its area a place where people want to live and it aims to achieve this by working with all relevant authorities. With this in mind, I am going to suggest you might channel your questions to Paul Heery through me. I will send them to him prior to the meeting so he is aware of the community issues and can prepare his replies. If you won’t be able to attend the CAT Meeting, this will give you a voice. If you are attending the CAT Meeting, this will streamline the questioning process and make sure all the questions are answered without unnecessary duplication.

Please send in your questions via Bramcote Today at Please include your name and postcode to validate your question. This information will be solely used for this purpose.

As Chair of Bramcote Hills Community Association, I can claim to be independent as I am not allied with either The White Hills Park Federation or the Bramcote Ward Councillors on Broxtowe Borough Council. I seek to achieve the Community Association’s objective.

Beyond Bramcote CAT Meeting

Bramcote Hills Community Association has a Planning Sub-committee which is looking closely at the proposals regarding the school.

As part of it activities, the Planning Sub-committee is organising a meeting at Bramcote College on the afternoon of Saturday 26 September where residents will be invited to express their views on what they would like see from a community perspective in the school redevelopment. Further details of this meeting will be published shortly but please put the date in your diaries. Its your opportunity to put forward what you would like to see. Your views will then be conveyed to the White Hills Park Federation and Broxtowe Borough Council as planning authority.

I stress that this meeting is being organised by the Bramcote Hills Community Association.

Steve Austin
Bramcote Hills Community Association

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2 Responses to Bramcote School Development Plans – Bramcote CAT Meeting 7 September

  1. RichHartman says:

    We are entitled to expect there will be a campaign by our Conservatives to denounce any plans by the school to build houses in the greenbelt. That was the Conservatives’ election ticket.

  2. Jim Alex says:

    I hope that locals opposed to this move could also count on the support of the local Lib Dem group as they had always opposed the development of the green spaces in the past; particularly the old golf course land on the basis it (paraphrased) “forms an important wildlife corridor along Bramcote Ridge”. I suspect if this school field is allowed to be developed, it will potentially close off or severely restrict the entrance to that corridor so the Lib Dems should* equally be up in arms about it.

    * For the moment, I am ignoring the fact a Lib Dem councillor is a listed director on the school federation’s board and so could have had a hand in the decision to sell the field in the first place – and will let others draw (or jump to) their own conclusions about that.

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