Double Yellow Lines Proposal For The Junction of Washington Drive And Hickings Lane

1361147_origDonna Mather, Secretary, Stapleford Community Group writes: Great news to report with regards parking problems at the junction of Washington Drive and Hickings Lane. Nottinghamshire County Council have proposed new traffic regulation orders for Washinghton Drive and Hickings Lane in Stapleford as indicated on the picture. They include double yellow lines and a bus stop clearway with no parking (except buses) at any time, opposite Washington Drive. These proposals are currently out for consultation with replies required by 1st September. Notices will soon be put up around the locations and we will also post a link where you can comment on the proposals. Stapleford Councillor Richard MacRae who has been campaigning for this to happen since last summer is very happy with the proposals and is asking that local residents send in comments on the proposal of your support as soon as details are available. His only concern is that the double yellow lines should be extended to the junction of Ilkeston Road as many people are parking outside the new shops instead of using the on site Car Park and this is a very busy road. He went on to say that if the Nottinghamshire County Council are going to paint double yellow lines then they may as well do the whole road which does need to be done. If you agree please put that in your replies to the proposals.

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13 Responses to Double Yellow Lines Proposal For The Junction of Washington Drive And Hickings Lane

  1. Martin Plackett. says:

    Well done Richard for your usual tenacity, and to Jackie and Stan for all their efforts to press the County Council for these yellow lines at what is because of parked cars a very dangerous junction. Would encourage as Donna suggests to press for lines to extend along Hickings Lane.

  2. stevejcarr says:

    Sorry Martin. I know how hard Cllr Williams has been working on this issue. Credit where credit is due please.

    • If you watch the recordings from Stapleford Town Council meetings you clearly hear Councillor Richard MacRae asking for the issues to be looked at around these junctions. And the then leader of Stapleford Town Council saying that it’s not a Town Council issue.

      I also know that he has mentioned the problems at this junction at Traffic and Transport committee meetings as well as CAT Meetings too over the past year.

      It’s again funny how all of a sudden County Councillors who have done little in the past all of a sudden are all for Stapleford. Election not far away is it. ……

  3. Martin Plackett. says:

    Absolutely Steve, and I did mention Jackie in my ‘copy’ above. I do indeed know how hard she has worked to ensure these lines are put in place to hopefully avoid what is a potential serious accident spot. So yes credit to all involved!

  4. jacky Williams says:

    The more alternative suggestions are made to the initial proposal, the longer the delay to the installation. Clearly, this never was a Town Council issue, but I have always, and the Town Clerk has, always encouraged residents and town councillors to direct their concerns to the appropriate representatives, in this case Notts County Councillors. Richard Macrae emailed me recently to say that it didn’t matter who reported this issue or campaigned for it, as long as the job gets done, which, as I reported at the Town Council meeting last Friday, is now under consultation and should be installed by February 2016.

    • And when Councillors at Stapleford Town Council have in the past tried to raise such issues they have always been told it’s nothing to do with them.

      Councillors Ray Darby, John McGrath and Richard MacRae have been asking for a long time about various issues such as the street scene in Stapleford to be sorted out. Officers at Nottinghamshire County Council don’t reply to emails. Again these issues have also been raised at Town Council meetings. So if the Town Councillors can not be allowed to represent the people of Stapleford what’s the point of them then.

      People should work together to benefit Stapleford and it’s only now the County elections are in sight the County Councillors have stuck there heads up. As per usual when elections come around.

      Stapleford now has new Town and Borough Councillors and no doubt new County Councillors in 2017 so onwards and upwards. Out with the old and in with the new. Which can only be good for the people of Stapleford.

  5. Steve Carr says:

    I think your comments Donna Mather do your organisation no good whatsoever.

    To suggest that Cllrs Williams and Heptinstall do nothing is inaccurate and scurrilous. As Cllr Williams says it does not help when people who are Town Councillors pretend to be County Councillors. It wastes time as the County staff have to constantly refer matters to the County Councillors which duplicates the work they have to do. If this had not happened here then it is clear this matter would have been cleared up by now.

  6. Donna Mather says:

    People in Stapleford have gotten wise to the Liberal Democrats deception of claiming they have done stuff they never did . Hence recent election results.

    You only have to look at how many Council meetings of the Town Council one of the County Councillors bothered to attend to realise how bothered about Stapleford they really are. And it was only because a Town and now Borough Councillor made the County Council aware of the issues at the junction last Summer that anything is now being done.

    It’s better late than never and if the said County Councillors had of been involved from the start this issue would have been resolved by now. There are only 2 people who find it hard to work with others in Stapleford. And on that I have other issues to deal with at the minute so will leave this as my last reply, otherwise we are going around in circles.

  7. patrickratcliffe says:

    When will you ‘little people’ grow up?
    If you want something done, work together for the common good, and stop all the petty bitching. It just puts a sour taste in the mouths of normal folk.
    Sadly, for me, the only decent comments here come from the Tory.

  8. Steve Carr says:

    You don’t know the half of it Patrick

  9. patrickratcliffe says:

    I don’t care about the half of it, Mr Carr, or the whole of it!
    If I’d been a betting man, I’d have bet a great deal on YOU trying to have the last word!
    All I care about is the way petty little politicians bicker and fuss and throw hissy fits, rather than simply serve and get the job done.
    YOU don’t know how much YOU and others put good, honest people off local politics.

    • RichHartman says:

      Patrick – here’s a thought then: stand for election next time round and show them how you’d do it better? It’s so easy for folk to criticise councillors and belittle their efforts, so why don’t you get out there and have a go yourself. That’s what happened last May when so many new people were sufficiently motivated to step up to the plate and why the borough has so many new councillors. I may not agree with some of what the politicians do & say, but credit to them – especially the newbies – for having a go. It’s not a job I would want.

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