Future Use of Land in the Bramcote Hills – Moor Lane Area

BHCA LogoThe Bramcote Hills Community Association’s (BHCA) Planning Sub-committee (BHCA Planning) called a meeting attended by Paul Heery, Executive Head of the White Hills Park Federation, James McDonald, Head of Bramcote College, Chris Humphreys, Head, and Richard Taylor, Chair of Governors, at Foxwood Academy respectively, Andrew Pearson, Head of Bramcote Hills Primary School and Ashley Marriott, Broxtowe Borough Council’s Director of Leisure and Culture. BHCA was represented by Steve Austin (BHCA Chair) and Paul Nathanail (BHCA Planning chair). The meeting was held at 4pm – 5.30pm on Monday 1 June at the Bramcote School.

The informal meeting was an opportunity to share the plans and aspirations each organisation has for its buildings and land over the coming years. It followed on from a presentation to the Bramcote CAT meeting in September 2014 where the need to fund rebuilding of Bramcote School and Bramcote College along with refurbishment &
upgrading of the Alderman White estate.

Click on this Link to read the minutes of the meeting.

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3 Responses to Future Use of Land in the Bramcote Hills – Moor Lane Area

  1. RichHartman says:

    A replacement sports and leisure centre would be a great facility for us but I cannot see where it could be built apart from somewhere on the greenbelt (toton maybe). So it won’t ever happen if the conservatives are true to their word about protecting the greenbelt from all building.

  2. Bramcote Leisure Centre celebrates its 50th birthday… tomorrow!

    Of course, it sits in the green belt. Its replacement can also sit within the green belt AND our Conservative councillors could remain true to their word.

    National planning policy is that development in the green belt that is inappropriate should be refused planning permission. Development that does not interfere with the green belt serving its five purposes may be deemed appropriate and granted planning permission.

    Bearing in mind Richard’s comment, development that is considered appropriate includes:
    *** provision of appropriate facilities for outdoor sport, outdoor recreation and for cemeteries, as long as it preserves the openness of the Green Belt and does not conflict with the purposes of including land within it;
    *** the replacement of a building, provided the new building is in the same use and not materially larger than the one it replaces;

    [The full list is at:

    So Happy 50th Birthday Bramcote Leisure Centre!

    And thanks to Broxtowe BC for providing this facility.

    • RichHartman says:

      Paulnathanail, thanks for the link (although it seems to be a dead link now) but I get the gist. However, the conservative pledge put through my door at election time promises to protect the greenbelt, not protect the greenbelt with exceptions. It’s reasonable to expect their pledge to be honoured.
      This is direct from Anna Soubry’s website – no mention of exceptions:
      “I’ll continue to defend our precious green belt.
      I have been fighting the Labour/ Lib Dem Borough Council’s plans to build on our precious green belt since long before my election to Parliament.
      It’s been a pleasure to work with so many local groups and inidviduals, and we have had some successes along the way.
      I’ve held debates in Parliament and organised public meetings accross Broxtowe. The fight continues, with the council intent on releasing more green belt sites over the coming months. Broxtowe needs a strong MP to carry on the campaign. ”

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