Attack On Bramcote Today‏

Here is some correspondence between David Watts and Nick Palmer you may like to read.

David watts to Nick Palmer:

Dear Nick

As you have no doubt seen Matt Goold has launched a strong attack against the Bramcote Today website, accusing them of bias towards the Liberal Democrats. Matt is of course on of your most vocal supporters and he claims that he has compiled a dossier of alleged bias. Frankly I am disgusted at this blatant attempt to intimidate the editors of Bramcote Today. Will you join me in condemning both the attack and the compilation of a dossier about a community web site? Will you also make it clear to your supporters that this sort of attack is neither justified nor welcomed by you or by the Labour Party, and finally will you put residents minds at ease by assuring us that you do not support the compiling of dossiers about local community activities?

Given the importance of this issue I will be publishing this letter and look forward to publishing your reply as well.

Best wishes


Nick Palmer replies to David Watts:

Dear David,

Beestonia is an independent blog, not run by or in support of me, and Matt, who is not involved in the Labour Party, doesn’t consult me on what he writes.

That said, my own view is that Bramcote Today is neutral, I’ve no complaints about what they publish and I like the site, which seems to me to give a good accumulation of a very wide range of political views. I see they have already responded to Matt.

I doubt if it’s helpful for politicians like us to weigh into a debate between two blogs, especially as we are both in the middle of General Election campaigns, and I’m sure you’ll understand that I don’t have time to comment further, but I hope that they will be able to resolve any remaining differences between them.



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2 Responses to Attack On Bramcote Today‏

  1. stevebarber says:


    Councillor Steve Barber

    Broxtowe Borough Council

    Town Hall

    Foster Ave



    NG9 1AB

    0115 922 5806

  2. I was pleased to see Nick Palmer say he sees Bramcote Today as a neutral forum.

    Credit where credit’s due
    As someone who both posts to and enjoys what others post to the site, I think it is appropriate that due credit be given to Bramcote’s current councillors for initiating the discussions, at a Bramcote CAT meeting a few years ago now, that led to Bramcote Today being set up. Since I am standing, as an independent, against these same councillors in next week’s election I trust no-one will construe my comments as representing bias in favour of any political party.

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