Great news, Stapleford Community Group Have Been Given Permission to Fund Raise for a Community Defibrillator.

Richard MacRae, Chairman, Stapleford Community Group writes:  The Defibrillator will be installed at the new Co-Op Store on Hickings Lane on the site where The Jaguar once stood.

We now need to raise around £1300 before this can happen and to kick off the fundraising Dr John Doddy from the Hickings Lane Medical Centre has offered a very kind donation of £100.

This Friday (24th April) the Stapleford Sure Start Children’s Centre are holding a wear it red day and all proceeds will be donated to the fundraising.

Next month will see William Lilley Primary School hold a cake sale to raise funds for the Defibrillator and also Wadsworth Fields Primary School are also holding a wear it red day, again all funds will be donated towards the Community Defibrillator. The children at Wadsworth Fields Primary School will also receive a special assembly where they will hear about the Community Defibrillator and CPR, this will be attended by a member of East Midlands Ambulance (EMA) Service and Richard MacRae.

It’s such an important project and comes off the back of the CPR training we have been holding around Stapleford.

We would like to thank the British Heart Foundation who have been so helpful with this project.

The location has been chosen as it’s in between both Bramcote Park and the Ilkeston Road Recreation Group, it’s also outside a busy shopping precinct. So its an ideal spot, The Co-op kindly gave permission to have the device installed on their wall and will pay the running costs.

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3 Responses to Great news, Stapleford Community Group Have Been Given Permission to Fund Raise for a Community Defibrillator.

  1. Martin Plackett says:

    Great news! Very well done Richard for this inititative and all your efforts for Stapleford.

  2. Donna Mather says:

    Thanks to Bramcote resident Richard Phipps.

    ‘Please accept a donation of £200…..The defibrillator is a fantastic project that my late father Stewart Phipps who lived in Bramcote for 40 years would have been very keen to support and encourage, keep up the good work!’

    We would like to thank Richard Phipps who has made this very kind donation on behalf of his father.

  3. Donna Mather says:

    We would also like to thank Wadsworth Fields Primary School who have raised just over £200 towards the Community Defibrillator.

    There is now a GoFundMe page if anyone would like to make a kind donation.

    The link is as follows.

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