Green Belt‏ Consultation – Respond by 5.00pm on Monday 23 March

Paul Nathanail writes: The Bramcote Hills Community Association’s Planning Sub Committee has produced its second bulletin – this contains details of the various ways to respond to the Broxtowe consultation on the Green Belt. See: BHCA Planning Sub-Committee March 2015 Bulletin 002

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8 Responses to Green Belt‏ Consultation – Respond by 5.00pm on Monday 23 March

  1. Judith N says:

    I am doing this now – here are a few pointers for others. You can find the consultation document at
    The zones Bramcote people are likely to be most interested in are 30 (beside moor lane); 29 (beside Coventry lane) 31(the other side of Coventry Lane. If you live in Stapleford its 31 and 32 (which are on either side of Field Farm).
    The pdf document is not great to go through – the map is on page 95; but its worth looking at the document from page 71 onwards.
    Zones (29,30,31) are adjacent and make up one big piece of Greenbelt but if you want to comment on all of them you will need to complete 3 forms!. Although this is painful, it is worth doing if you have the time as Greenbelt is more protected if its a large area – once you start salami slicing it (like they did with Field Farm) the remaining areas get threatened.

  2. Judith N says:

    Actually it didnt take that long to do one zone, once I got into it – there are only 5 questions; its worth having the consultation document open as you do it and looking at their arguments. The better you can make your arguments from a planning perspective, the more weight they will carry. However, dont worry if you dont know much about planning, say what you think anyway – simply to show the weight of people’s opinion.

  3. Judith N says:

    What is clear now I’ve looked at all 4 zones is that none of these would have been contenders if they hadnt taken Field Farm out before doing the Greenbelt review; this is especially the case for Zone 32 in Stapleford adjacent to FF.
    I drew a map to show this; purple outline is greenbelt boundary (pre Field Farm removal); purple is zone 31; yellow is Field Farm and brown is zones 29,30 and 31. Before FF was removed the whole area was clearly a continuation of the countryside, nicely joining with the area of Greenbelt to the south. The map is at

  4. Judith N says:

    And a reminder – N Morelle of STRAG commented previously on this website that Cllr. Brian Wombwell wrote in 2012: “Field Farm will be shown as a development site and all other land outside that boundary will be still be protected as being greenbelt.” – I’m feeling let down by our elected representatives here.

  5. Judith N says:

    I thought Councillor Wombwell or one of his Lib Dem colleagues would have responded; his reply States that “all other areas will be protected” and now we find the adjacent areas are in the Greenbelt Consultation- (and in some cases the argument for them being there is partly based on having a boundary with Field Farm and thus having more boundaries with built up areas). He gave Strag an assurance which he then reneged on; An explanation is needed.

    • davidwatts12 says:

      This is a consultation, not a decision. The decision will not be taken for several months yet. I am personally against taking the rest of the land around Field Farm out of the greenbelt and it was at my insistence that the original redrawn line followed the line of the proposed development so tightly, but the council elected after 7th May will need to carefully consider all the comments and advice and make their decision afterwards.

  6. Judith N says:

    Thanks David – good to know your view on taking the rest of the land around Field Farm out of Greenbelt.

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