Public Enquiry relating to Village Green status at Toton Sidings

Steve Bakewell has informed us that – The Public Enquiry relating to the application for Village Green status at Toton Sidings will commence on 13th April and sit, if necessary until 17th April 2015 at the Lucy and Vincent Brown Village Hall, Attenborough Lane, NG9 5AB. 

At different times, to suit by arrangement, supporters and objectors will be invited to make a statement to the appointed inspector, David Manley QC, and be prepared to answer any questions that may arise.

If you are prepared to make a statement, you will not be expected to remain throughout the whole enquiry, although anybody, whether making a statement or not, is allowed to sit and witness the process at any time. The QC has intimated that he may be prepared to hold an evening session so that those with daytime employment can still contribute.

It is vital that we have support showing the commitment of the community as well as highlighting the range of leisure activities which have taken place on the sidings over the years. It should be noted that since we have already acquired Rights of Way through the sidings, it will not be sufficient to mention walking to Long Eaton or Stapleford. However, walking for leisure, dog walking, children playing (sledging, hide and seek, etc.), natural history spotting, train spotting, cycling, fishing, etc. are all the types of activities which would demonstrate acceptable usage conducive to village green status.

Unfortunately, despite the process having been four and a half years in getting to the present position, we are now faced with a very short time frame. By the end of next Tuesday, 10th March, I need to have received a signed and dated statement setting out the substance of each witness’s evidence.

This can be as detailed as you wish but could be as concise as – (For example)-

I am prepared to act as a witness in support of the application for Village Green status at Toton Sidings. I (and members of my family, if appropriate) have undertaken … whichever activities… for a period of …. (in excess of 20 years). I have valued this land and would wish for its continued availability for both myself and future generations.       Signed      Dated

I would appreciate you letting me know of your intension to act as a witness and posting your outline submission through the letter box at 24 Hampton Close, Toton, or, if you ring 07966808571, we can arrange to call round and collect the statement from you.

PLEASE don’t put this off and forget about it!!!

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1 Response to Public Enquiry relating to Village Green status at Toton Sidings

  1. Paul Nathanail says:

    To find out more go to:

    This guidance explains what town and village greens are:
    “Town and village greens developed under customary law as areas of land where local people indulged in lawful sports and pastimes. These might include organised or ad-hoc games, picnics, fetes and similar activities. Most greens were registered in the late 1960s under the Commons Registration Act 1965. Provided the right to apply has not been excluded (see overview above), anyone can apply under section 15(1) of the Commons Act 2006 to register land as a green if it has been used by local people for lawful sports and pastimes ‘as of right’ (ie without permission, force or secrecy) for at least 20 years.”

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