Old Golf Course – last day to respond to the recent amendments is Thursday 5 February

You will be aware from our recent post that the applicants have slightly amended their application.  We all have until midnight on Thursday 5 February to respond to these changes. You may respond by replying to the letter you have possibly received or by going direct to the Broxtowe BC Planning web site and placing your comment on line.  The Application Reference is 14/00677.

We understand that this application is not going to be discussed at the Development Control Meeting that is scheduled for Wednesday 11 February.

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1 Response to Old Golf Course – last day to respond to the recent amendments is Thursday 5 February

  1. Paul Nathanail says:

    Folks may be interested to read this extract from the Broxtowe BC consultation on the green belt:

    East of Coventy Lane and North of Bramcote Ridge

    This area is considered unsuitable for residential development. This is within an area that provides an extensive and prominent strategic Green Infrastructure corridor (Map 3.3 and Policy 16 of the ACS) linking Broxtowe with the city of Nottingham to the east. The disused golf course between Balmoral Drive and Deddington Lane abuts this area and is a protected open area and prominent area for special protection. This former golf course area has a parkland character which is more closely related to the character of land to the west of the site (Moor Lane and the Bramcote Schools site) than the land to the east which has a plantation character. In order to retain this important parkland character for the area as a whole (the Green Belt site and adjacent protected local plan site) it is important to restrict any built development in this area to land south of the ridge. The most northerly of the Bramcote Schools buildings is a prominent and intrusive feature in this location. It may be possible to enhance this area with the demolition of this building if a school redevelopment does take place (see below).
    South of Bramcote Ridge
    This area is considered partly suitable for residential and other development. The Bramcote Schools site and Leisure Centre is defined in the 2004 Local Plan as a major developed site in the Green Belt. Information from the school is that they are seeking funding to modernise and rationalise their accommodation to significantly improve the education provision for their students, and residential development on part of the land may be necessary to release funding. If so there are options available within this area which would have a minimal impact on the purposes of including land in the Green Belt. Broxtowe are in the process of reviewing Leisure provision and the outcome of this is not yet confirmed in so far as it would affect decisions over Bramcote Leisure centre, which is a large prominent building fronting the A52. Bramcote Hills Park and Bramcote Hill are unsuitable for any development.” (BBC Green belt review consultation 2015, p. 74)

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