Watch Out For Safe Winter Cycling

Hannah Anderson, TravelRight Broxtowe Events and Marketing Officer writes: The freezing cold and unpredicatable weather could put some cyclists off sticking to two wheels for their daily commute. To help counter this, a brand new video has been produced which gives residents of Nottinghamshire some top tips on how to cycle safely in the winter months.

Three Nottingham sustainable travel organisations – TravelRight, Sustrans and Ridewise have teamed up together to bring in their expertise at keeping safe and visible on cycle journeys. The video has been made to encourage continued cycling throughout the winter season and to help keep cycling figures up. The increase in cycling around Nottingham at around the 30% mark shows no sign of stopping and the advisory video aims to keep it that way.

The video can be viewed at or email to have the clip emailed to you.

Visit the Ridewise, Sustrans or TravelRight websites to keep up to date with cycling advice and information. For information on TravelRight visit or email

Cycling in winter can be wonderful but plan ahead and be careful!

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2 Responses to Watch Out For Safe Winter Cycling

  1. Fred R says:

    That’s fine advice, although the lights used in that video would cost over £100. I’m not so sure about reducing tyre pressure to cope with icy conditions, as that’s of so-so value and lower pressure increases the chances of punctures. However, as someone who’s come off on black ice a few times with painful and lasting physical injury (a lovely scar on my left knee which I’ll take to my grave), you’d not catch me using a road bike on untreated roads, which only leaves busy treated roads which have their own hazards in the form of motor vehicles. Off-road bikes are the only ones I’d use in subzero conditions.

  2. Good front light, which has both solid and flashing beam, rechargeable battery, costs only £10.00 on ebay. They are made by Cree, plus additional batteries, so that you can carry a spare fully charged one, are £2.00 each. I use these lights every day.
    If the tyres are reduced in pressure, within the manufacturer’s stated pressure on the tyre, there will not be an increase in puncture rate.
    The other advice was to lower the saddle so that the Rider can put his feet down to steady himself in icy conditions.
    If you are not confident in riding on the road, due to cars etc., we at RideWise offer you on-road training to National Standards, please see our website
    Ian Hutchinson
    Head Instructor.

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