A Downgraded NHS?

Dr  John  DoddyDr John Doddy writes in the Nottingham Post: – Are we now settling for a cheaper but second class service in the NHS ? rather than the Worlds Best . Are we slipping down the league table of nations by accepting lower aspirational targets and depriving the service of desperately needed funding ….. Click on this link to read the article.

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1 Response to A Downgraded NHS?

  1. Nick Palmer says:

    It’s a good article – John is the most interesting Conservative County councillor, because he talks about medicine primarily as a doctor rather than as a champion of political ideas. In the same spirit, I think we in all parties need to acknowledge that there is an objective difficulty in health service – there is almost an infinite amount that we could do for our health, and the service has to draw the lines somewhere.

    But there isn’t any reasonable doubt that the system is deteriorating at the moment, and both additional funding and intelligent use of that funding are needed. In principle, I think that strengthening social care to lessen pressures on hospitals is part of the answer, but it would really help if the Government wasn’t trying to drive a privatisation agenda at the same time – there may be times when experiments are worthwhile, but diverting funds to private profit in the elusive hope of better service is not something we should be doing when the system is in crisis. And, as Dr Doddy observes, merely changing the targets so they’re easier to meet is not an adequate response – if Ministers want to save money with a worse service, that is an important decision which needs to be debated, not merely a statistical adjustment.

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