The Nottinghamshire Mayor Who’s Living in Saudi Arabia

Click here to read the Nottingham Post article about Kevin Thomas, the Mayor of Stapleford.

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3 Responses to The Nottinghamshire Mayor Who’s Living in Saudi Arabia

  1. Mark W says:

    One Liberal Democrat in Somerset and one Liberal Democrat in Saudi Arabia. People of Stapleford deserve better than this.

    • J Richards says:

      Mark, if you look on Broxtowe Borough Council’s website and find the minutes for the Council meetings, Councillor Wombwell, the resident of Somerset, has not attended the last 3 Council meetings: 29 Oct, 19 Nov and 10 Dec.

      Nothing will be done because of the Council elections in May. Hopefully, the people of Stapleford and Broxtowe at large, will remember that the Lib-Dems are not the party for local people. From earlier threads on this site, Cllr Wombwell living in Somerset has the backing of Cllr Watts (Lib-Dem leader)

  2. Mark W says:

    Yet town council leader Jackie Williams, also a Liberal Democrat, defended the mayor and said the criticism came from ‘political meddling’. What she SHOULD have said is “We will listen to the people who put us here, we are public servants and we thank you for keeping a close eye on us”

    I I have read that on the daily mail website.

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