Top Tips For A Waste Free Christmas From Brock The Badger

Recycling 2Christmas cards, extra glass bottles, real Christmas trees – the countdown to Christmas has officially begun and Broxtowe Borough Council’s badger mascot Brock is helping, by promoting ten top tips for local residents to help to waste less and recycling more over the festive period.

At Christmas an extra 3 million tonnes of waste will be generated, which is enough to fill 120 million wheeled bins. The Council is urging everyone to follow Brock’s top ten tips:

1. Starting to receive lots of Christmas cards? Remember envelopes are recyclable, so pop them into your green-lidded bin and the cards in the New Year. Or, why not be creative and create gift tags for next year.
2. If everyone recycled 1 more glass bottle over the holidays it will stop nearly 4,000 cars worth of CO2 getting into the atmosphere. Please use the Council’s kerbside glass collection schemer check out the website for your collection details
3. Did you know that the wrapping paper we use in the UK each year is equivalent to the weight of 124 London Eye’s? Use the green-lidded bin (not the foil type).
4. Invest in a compost bin and recycle all Christmas dinner vegetable peelings. For more information visit for further details.
5. Use a bag for life when shopping to reduce the waste pile.
6. If everyone recycled 1 more plastic bottle over this period in the UK it would stop 400 cars worth of CO2 entering our atmosphere
7. If you’re buying a real tree for Christmas this year don’t forget to recycle it. Use the garden scheme if a member or take to the nearest household waste and recycling site.
8. Don’t forget to recycle your metal food and drink cans plus those sweet/biscuits tins. In six weeks they could be brand new cans!
9. Presents and parties mean lots of packaging so make sure you feed that green-lidded bin.
10. Making a New Year’s resolution? Why not make one for 2015 to be the year you recycle more, reduce your waste pile and re-use where you can.
For further information, please contact Broxtowe Borough Council’s recycling section on 0115 917 7777 or visit the website at

The Christmas Waste Facts
Over the Festive period we will waste 160,000 tonnes of food.
Over 13,000 tonnes of glass is thrown out during the festive period. Recycling them would save the Co² equivalent of taking 1300 cars off the road for a year.
Over 8 million Christmas trees will be brought this year in the UK, most of which will not be recycled.
If laid end to end, approx. 364,700km of wrapping paper is used each year – enough to stretch around the equator nine times or even go to the moon.
A massive 1 billion Christmas cards will be sent in the UK that is 17 for every man, woman and child.
Nearly 4,500 tonnes of aluminium foil will be used to wrap our Christmas Turkeys that’s enough to cover 1500 square miles (roughly the size of Suffolk)

Source: Broxtowe Borough Council Press Release.

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2 Responses to Top Tips For A Waste Free Christmas From Brock The Badger

  1. Please don’t throw your unwanted Christmas Cards away.

    Stapleford Community Group will be collecting Christmas Cards to be recycled again this year.

    All cards that are collected will be donated to the Broxtowe Play Forum in Stapleford, who supply local groups and organisations with resources.

    The collection point is 245 Ilkeston Road, Stapleford, Nottinghamshire, NG98JH

    Or you can contact Richard MacRae on 07740344427

  2. Ian Blakeley says:

    “Christmas dinner vegetable peelings” Can any one tell me why these cannot be put into the Brown bin to be turned into compost professionally?

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