HS2 Delivery Board Meets In Broxtowe

twitter_hs2_skyThe first meeting of the East Midlands HS2 Hub Station Delivery Board took place earlier this week with representatives from HS2 and East Midlands Councils in attendance, along with local authorities from across Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire.

The board will meet monthly to help develop a growth strategy for the East Midlands Hub Station at Toton, as well as help direct and maximise the economic potential of the proposed sites whilst ensuring compatibility with wider planning, transport and environmental objectives.

Some of the boards key aims include:

· to develop a master plan for the long term development of the hub station and surrounding area in consultation with the Joint Planning Advisory Board
· to work with the LEP and business leaders to maximise the growth potential of the site whilst protecting and enhancing the economic well-being of town and city centres
· to develop plans to provide effective links to town and city centres in co-operation with the Highways Agency, Network Rail, highway authorities and other transport providers
· to ensure compatibility with the statutory planning process in conjunction with the Joint Planning Advisory Board
· to identify a work programme, infrastructure requirements and the resources needed to deliver an effective growth strategy
· to agree and oversee the commissioning of specialist technical studies
· to make recommendations to the Strategic Board

Chair of the Board and Leader of Broxtowe Borough Council, Councillor Milan Radulovic said: “HS2 is one of the most significant developments in Broxtowe in generations and is a wonderful opportunity for economic growth in the area.”

“The East Midlands HS2 Hub Station Delivery Board will work to support growth and improve transport infrastructure whilst protecting and enhancing the environment for the people who already live there.”

During the first meeting, it was agreed to recruit a representative from an environmental group to join the board,

The East Midlands HS2 Hub Station Delivery Board, alongside the Staveley Infrastructure Maintenance Depot Delivery Board, will support the East Midlands HS2 Strategic Board which brings together key regional organisations and national bodies involved in the delivery of HS2.

Broxtowe’s HS2/Toton Advisory Committee will continue to meet and feed into the work around HS2.

For more information, please contact Chief Executive of Broxtowe Borough Council, Ruth Hyde by emailing ceo@broxtowe.gov.uk

Source: Press Release from Broxtowe Borough Council.

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