Save Broxtowe’s Greenbelt – Press Release Thursday 11th September 2014

STRAG logoBroxtowe campaign groups have stepped up the fight to save precious greenbelt land from development by launching a united ‘Save Broxtowe’s Greenbelt’ campaign. This follows on from the recent decision by Ms Jill Kingaby, the government inspector, to 20-20 logoapprove controversial plans to build housing on formerly protected greenbelt land in the borough. The inspector recently approved the plan of Nottingham, Gedling and Broxtowe councils wpid-stapleford-community-group-logo-blacko build over 30,000 new dwellings throughout Nottinghamshire, thousands of which are to be sited on greenbelt land.  The councils have claimed that these houses are necessary to fill the perceived housing gap.  However, the plans have been controversial from the outset, with those in opposition arguing that the numbers should be revised down due to environmental constraints and that the numbers are based on unrealistic economic prospects. In any case, tepsbrownfield sites (of which there are still a great deal throughout the three boroughs), should be prioritised, before building on valuable and protected greenbelt land.!

Local campaign groups STRAG (Stapleford and Trowell Action Group), BCS LogoSouth Broxtowe 20/20, Stapleford Community Group, TEPS (Toton Environmental Protection Society) and the Friends of Toton Fields have been campaigning to save greenbelt sites at Toton Lane (Toton and Stapleford) and Field Farm (Stapleford and Trowell) from development.
They have vowed to stand united to continue the fight to protect the greenbelt in Broxtowe as a whole and, to actively bring forward brownfield sites as a preference.  A spokesperson for the group Richard McRae said, “Residents were told years ago that these developments were “done deals”, but they still are not.  We are united in our commitment to do everything we can to urge the councils to prioritise brownfield sites and protect our greenbelt land, as is indeed required by government policy.”!

It is understood that Nottingham City Council have already voted to adopt the ACS this week, without giving further consideration to first bringing forward brownfield sites. Broxtowe Borough Council plans to have its final vote on the Aligned Core Strategies (ACS) on the 17th of September. Campaigners are concerned that, the agenda released yesterday by the Broxtowe Borough Council appears to suggest the vote will take place without giving further consideration to prioritising brownfield capacity. This, despite the fact that the council has recently recruited new staff purportedly with the express purpose of bringing forward brownfield sites for development. The groups are calling for the council to undertake a proper review of all the greenbelt in the borough and to delay adopting the ACS until such a time as brownfield capacity can be prioritised. They point to sites, such as the Boots site in Beeston, which is under consideration for development, but the numbers of which have not been included in the ACS.

More importantly, a group of Parish Councils in and around the area, have also warned the Councils that they will engage in legal action should the ACS be adopted. ‘Save Broxtowe’s Greenbelt’ is supporting this challenge. The ‘Save Broxtowe’s Greenbelt’ campaign also has the support of MP Anna Soubry and local Green Party representatives including David Kirwan and Katharina Boettge.  They are urging other local groups and the public to get involved.  The group plans to stage a demonstration at the full Council meeting to be held on the 17th of September at the New Council Chamber, Town Hall, Beeston at 7pm.   Local residents from all over Broxtowe are invited to show their opposition to the plans by attending the protest.  Further details of the campaign can be found at

Details of the various campaign groups can be found at:

Group Contact Information

STRAG (Stapleford & Trowell Rural Action Group) email:

Stapleford Community Group email:

Friends of Toton Fields email:


South Broxtowe 20/20 email:

Bramcote Conservation Society: email:

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1 Response to Save Broxtowe’s Greenbelt – Press Release Thursday 11th September 2014

  1. Mark Nightingale says:

    Don’t think the legal challenge has any chance. Having followed the core strategy from the start and having gone through the inspectors report all the council have covered themselves very well. Perhaps these NIMBY’s (the loud minority) should put there names down for some of the new brownfield homes they are referring. I think not, the developers don’t want to build them because no one would want them. There is always release of greenfield/greenbelt land around local plan production, they honestly think no greenfield land will required over the next 25 years to house our growing population. Or is it more to the point they want to maximise there own property value by restricting the much need homes in areas people want to buy/live.
    Will these nimby groups be reimbursing the tax payer when they fail?

    “They point to sites, such as the Boots site in Beeston, which is under consideration for development, but the numbers of which have not been included in the ACS.” You may want to reread the core strategy and correct that statement, it’s allocated for upto 1150 homes plus employment, page 52 of ACS and appendix 60 to 65.

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