Proposed New Aldi Store for Stapleford on the Pinfold Trading Estate

Donna Mather, Secretary,  Stapleford Community Group has forwarded this information:



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3 Responses to Proposed New Aldi Store for Stapleford on the Pinfold Trading Estate

  1. RichHartman says:

    Interestingchain on the Stapleford CG site:
    “Having been sworn to secrecy several months ago, we can now announce that Aldi are proposing to open a new store right here in Stapleford. ”
    As we expect openness & transparency from our town and borough council, we should expect the same from a group that purports to represent the Stapleford community. SCG should be honourable and reveal the times & contents of its discussions, and the identities of those involved. Otherwise one might conclude there has been a conspiracy to withhhold information that is in the public interest.
    The land chosen by Aldi is a long walk from the town’s shops, and its across the Roach. Shouldn’t Aldi build in the shopping centre to help improve the town rather than simply taking shoppers OUT of the town centre?
    SCG should be wary of being conned by the promise of (min.wage/zero hour contract) jobs as justification for welcoming another discount shop when the land might be better kept entirely for new houses so that fewer would need to be built in our greenbelt.

    • Donna M says:

      No conspiracy going on here and as it’s a matter of public interest Aldi have organised a public meeting.

      If anyone has any concerns with the proposal we recommend you attend the meeting on Wednesday 3rd September from 3pm to 7pm at The Meeting Place in Stapleford. As members from Aldi will be available to try and help you.

      • RichHartman says:

        Donna M, That doesn’t explain or excuse SCG’s comment that it has known about this for several months but decided to keep it from us. In another thread on the BToday site borough councillor David Watts was roundly criticised for knowing about the Bramcote School housing plans in advance of the school publishing them. Sauce for the goose, etc.?

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