The Campaign to Protect Our Green Belt and HS2 Continues

Anna  Soubry  MPBroxtowe MP Anna Soubry has pledged to continue to defend the constituency’s Green Belt land from thousands of houses and ensure full economic advantage is taken of HS2 despite today’s announcement from the Planning Inspector. In the face of widespread opposition the Inspector has backed the Borough Councils controversial “Core Strategy”. The Council’s local plan will give the go ahead to thousands of houses on Broxtowe’s Green Belt land, including land at Toton earmarked for HS2.
Anna said:
“I am not at all surprised at the decision given the Inspector had agreed to Broxtowe’s housing target half way through the public inquiry. I am of course disappointed at the report and in particular the backing for hundreds of houses on Field Farm and at Toton, but the fight to protect our Green Belt is by no means over. I hope that common sense will prevail, especially given that new brown field sites have been found that could provide 500 homes by then end of the year.

I am particularly concerned about the impact Broxtowe’s plans will have on the future of HS2 at Toton. HS2 is not just about getting to London more quickly. It is about better train services to great cities like Leeds, but it’s also about connecting up public transport, and it’s about growth – creating jobs for my constituents. I fear Broxtowe plans to build houses for commuters at the cost of jobs for local people. We want and need a world class economic development site at Toton not the second rate offering currently planned . I hope Broxtowe will reconsider and agree that HS2 is about economic growth rather than an excuse to build hundreds of homes on our Green Belt Land. I would like to think that Broxtowe is learning from its failure in Beeston to redevelop the town to take full advantage that the tram promises and will not repeat the mistake at Toton.

I will continue to argue that the Core Strategy is flawed. The housing figures are too high and there has been a woeful lack of public consultation. These are all matters I have and will continue to raise with the Borough Council and with national Government. We have lost a large battle but the war will continue to protect our Green Belt and make sure we don’t squander the real opportunities HS2 can and will deliver.”


Member of Parliament for Broxtowe

Constituency Office
Barton House
61 High Road
0115 9436507

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7 Responses to The Campaign to Protect Our Green Belt and HS2 Continues

  1. RichHartman says:

    Here she goes again: “…In the face of widespread opposition the Inspector has backed the Borough Councils controversial “Core Strategy”.” The facts are that her own colleague minister, via an independent inspector, has backed the council’s SOUND Core Strategy because her rantings and objections didn’t pass muster. She has misled us and unreasonably raised our expectations and now tries to blame someone else. It is also the case that the “widespread opposition” was in fact widespread acquiescence, when taking into account the population of the borough..

  2. M Bell says:

    i don’t know if Anna is genuinely concerned about what she’s saying, or just another politition waffling to make us think she’s with the people. Either way we’ve got no choice it’s all on the way. Don’t get fooled you’re in a democracy. You’re not.

    • Cliff H says:

      M Bell.
      In the future I shall not be taking part in any surveys, debates, opinion polls etc as I am becoming tired of wasting my time.
      The future shape of our borough is decided by a political elite who have no interest in our opinions and see the people who elected them as a nuisance.
      The STRAG and field farm protest group mounted one of the most professional and robust defences in the face of a huge amount of resistance and a lot of rather nasty personal attacks from many of the local councillors actually elected to represent our views.
      Proving that the whole ‘public debate’ process is merely a sham to try try and convince us that public opinion can influence decisions.



  3. Anna: how are your concerns about building on Greenbelt consistent with your support for HS2 which will be built on Greenbelt?

    • Cliff H says:

      Clearly they aren’t.
      Our MP is a faithful Tory and as building on greenbelt land comes under the jurisdiction of Lib dem/ Labour controlled councils she is free to kick up as much fuss as she likes.
      However, HS2 is a Tory baby and as such it wouldn’t do to act against Central office.
      So she’s pushing for HS2. Whether her constituents want it or not!

  4. Tom Gulliver says:

    If Anna were to squeeze in at the election next year I wonder what her leaflets for the election after to those living on the new homes in Field Farm and Toton would look like?

    There will be at least 500 new homes in Toton (say 1,000 voters) and a similar amount in Field Farm. EVERY one of those should know how regressive Anna Soubry is and how she did everything she possibly could to prevent them from allowing to buy (for many of them) their first house.

    If she wins in 2015 then there must certainly be a Labour gain in 2020.

    • Cliff H says:

      First time buyers, are you serious?
      How many of these new houses do you think will be affordable starter homes?
      I’ll tell you, the absolute minimum legally required, squeezed in next to the road out of the way of the fancy 5 bedders and bungalows.
      These developments will do little for local people trying to get on the property ladder.
      They will be designed for middle management Audi drivers and wealthy pensioners, ( think Trowell park ).
      Tory voters.
      I think this is actually a brilliant piece of politicking by Anna.
      On the one hand she is the heroine of many voters from all parties due to her save our green belt crusade.
      On the other she stands to gain a substantial number of new blue voters when the new developments are built.
      People will remember her fight against the council at voting time.
      The new residents won’t know or care.
      Whether intentionally or not she has done wonders for her re election campaign.
      I believe Nick has found himself outmanoeuvred !!

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