Field Farm Update

Zoe Cockcroft, STRAG writes: Here is a short update on the planning situation for the Green Belt at Field Farm (Stapleford/Trowell). Since the spring, the Inspector has been preparing her report, which is expected to be publicly released soon, in early August. Updates will be available at the official website and will certainly be commented on our great local community websites and

Once the report is released, the Secretary of State will decide whether to hold a public enquiry on the specific case of Field Farm or to give a “green” light to Broxtowe Council’s approval of the Outline Planning Application. But potential legal challenges to the Core Strategy Examination may delay the process. There have been several decisions made in favour of the Green Belt protection in other regions recently. STRAG will be assessing the situation continuously, with the advice of Ken Mafham Associates.

It is also interesting to note that the land along Nottingham Road which Westerman Homes intend to “gift” to Trowell Parish Council may be used by the Environmental Agency to set up a flood prevention scheme, so the benefit to the community would only be an indirect one – a poor mitigation of the damage caused by the housing development if it goes ahead.

We will be keeping you informed on the next developments. In the meanwhile, we can all enjoy the open fields of Field Farm for a further s

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1 Response to Field Farm Update

  1. N. Morelle (on behalf of STRAG) says:

    Well for once the authorities were faster than planned… See newer posts. Re. the flood defence: please read “along Stapleford Road, Trowell” instead of “Nottingham Road”.

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