Bramcote School Development

Paul Heery, Executive Headteacher White Hills Park Federation writes: I understand that our announcement has raised interest in how we are funding our plans. At the moment, we have a number of options open to us. Firstly, we have lodged a bid with the Priority Schools Building Programme which, if successful, would make a major contribution. We will then explore the possibility of further matched funding from the Education Funding Agency.

The other potential source of funding we have is the disposal of some of the land that is in the ownership of the Federation. We have a very large area of land, far more than we need for our schools and we have been exploring the various options for development. We are aware that despite a number of issues, the land is potentially very valuable. At the present moment, we are in early discussions with a range of developers and land agents who are very interested in working with us to prepare our plans for submission for outline planning permission. We are keen to work with our local community to identify the best option both for us and our neighbours and I would stress that we have not yet made any decision about the location of land for sale. What has become clear from all initial valuations is that the receipts should provide the necessary funds for us to achieve our vision.
I hope this is helpful and I look forward to continuing this dialogue
Paul Heery
Executive Headteacher
White Hills Park Federation

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