Broxtowe Residents Meet the Prime Minister to Talk About Potholes in Their Area

20140620_115250A number of Broxtowe residents were invited by Anna Soubry MP to meet the Prime Minister, David Cameron, this morning to talk to him about the problems with pot holes in their locality.

David Cameron first looked at problems in Victoria Street, Kimberley before joining the meeting.

As you will see from our previous post, £3 million has been allocated to Nottinghamshire County Council and Nottingham City Council by the Government to start to tackle the pot hole problem. David Cameron assured those at the meeting that the money was ring fenced and that the Councils would have to demonstrate that they had undertaken an agreed amount of work. Everybody welcomed the additional funding and expressed the hope that it was sensibly used to start tackling a Borough wide serious and dangerous problem.

David Cameron encouraged everybody to report potholes and was interested to hear that this could be done through the County Council’s website (Click on this link) or through Love Broxtowe (Click on this link).

Photograph courtesy of Richard MacRae.

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10 Responses to Broxtowe Residents Meet the Prime Minister to Talk About Potholes in Their Area

  1. What an honour it was to invited to meet the Prime Minister to talk about the state of the roads locally and to represent the people of Stapleford.

    Some of this money must be spent in Bramcote and Stapleford.

    • Ian Blakeley says:

      Of course some of the money will be spent in Bramcote and Stapleford, but not a lot, and don’t stop breathing whilst waiting for work to start.

  2. V Trenkic says:

    So, we need Prime Minister to visit Broxtowe to discuss our potholes? Or the election campaign for this marginal seat has already started? BTW, the “Love Broxtowe” app that the PM is suggesting is broken – you can fill the report, but nothing happens after. You can check for yourself this link and find there are only 2 pretty old reports and nothing else. I have personally filled a report couple of weeks ago, and apart from the automated reply, nothing ever happened – the report is not even listed on this page.Unless something get improved/fixed, this app will remain a useless “tick the box” PR exercise.

    • I agree about the Broxtowe App and I mentioned this too. Having sent loads of reports over and having not recieved one single reply. It is a shame really as the idea is a good one.

  3. Barry Morrison says:

    It just reminds me of other things Cameron has said in the past. How can you believe a word this man says?

    • Steve Austin says:

      Cameron’s delivered on this one. He has put up the money. Its now down to the County Council to make sure it happens

  4. Barry Morrison says:

    Did anyone bring him to Beeston to see the almighty cock up that’s been made here?

  5. RichHartman says:

    I’m amazes that potholes in Bramcote justify the attention of the PM. It’s a chronic issue but hardly warrants his precious time. I’m sure he has issues of national importance that deserve his attention a little more urgently, and pothole-filling could be left to those who are best palced to deal with them.

    • Robert B says:

      With one county councillor busy being the mayor and one only appearing at election times, no wonder it is left to the MP and the Prime Minister to deal with.

      • J Richards says:

        Robert, and don’t forget the Lib-Dem borough Councilor who lives in Somerset. Broxtowe Borough residents deserve better.

        I notice that in David Watt’s recent newsletter, he makes no mention of the comments made against him for standing in Newark, and for the comment he made 2 newsletters ago for apologising for the delay because he was busy fighting Newark.

        Not sure about Labour or the Conservatives but the Lib-Dems are selling this borough short.

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