An Expensive Day Out at Hemlock Happening Last Saturday

Don’t park at the bottom of the Leisure Centre Car Park!

Linda and Phil Whitt write: This is what we were faced with when returning to our car after visiting the Hemlock Happening on Saturday.

We would like this to be a reminder to all local residents who park in the Bramcote Leisure Centre.

We had parked in the Bramcote Leisure Centre as we thought the grass at Ilkeston Road would be churned up following the wet weather, so being considerate to the playing field, we decided to park at the Leisure Centre and so not to upset the users, we decided to park right at the bottom of the car park near the trees.

When we returned, our car windows had been smashed in completely as the thieves couldn’t break the locks to open the doors. Our alarm did not go off, as the doors were not opened. This happened at 2 to 3 p.m. when the Leisure centre were milling with people around.

We called the Police and a patrol car happened to be in the area, so came immediately. The Police Officer could not understand why no-one disturbed them. Apparently 4 cars had been broken into at the exact same spot within minutes of each other, including ours.

Apparently, the cctv cameras do not cover this little area and the thieves are well aware of this (so I am told).

We are now faced with a £250 access, no car and the inconvenience of losing our no claims etc.

So do not to park at the bottom of the car park.

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4 Responses to An Expensive Day Out at Hemlock Happening Last Saturday

  1. Sue Sambells says:

    Cllr Jacky Williams added a comment to our FB page – So sorry to hear this. Stan and I will take it up with Broxtowe, but I doubt there is money for extra cameras…

    • Patrick Ratcliffe says:

      Agreed, so sorry this has happened, but disappointed if there might be no money for extra cameras. Next time it might not be a car damaged, it might be a person, and all for a handful of cash….

  2. Sue Sambells says:

    PC Karl Barlow has commented – ‘It is likely that other people were in the area at the time, and that anyone with information should contact the police, to assist with the enquiries. Crime in the Bramcote area has seen a large reduction and I will be closely watching for any emerging crime patterns.’

    • Patrick Ratcliffe says:

      We’ll never know if people were “in the area at the time” – no cameras. Good people seem reluctant to respond to and stand up against the scum that sadly exist in the shadows these days, and the police are overstretched and understaffed, aren’t they.
      And, incidentally, isn’t there a significant difference between ‘crime’ and ‘reported crime’?

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