Thank You for Road Defects Report

WGRichard MacRae writes: After last night’s CAT Meeting, I went to Bramcote this morning and have taken photos and reported several pot holes around the Bramcote Moor area.

Hope it helps.

Here is Richard’s  Love Broxtowe Report:

Thank you for reporting an issue on Love Broxtowe Borough.

Your report has been received and will be reviewed by an administrator shortly. You will receive a notification email once this has been approved.

Wembley Gardens in Bramcote. There are potholes on the junction of the road on both sides. Can they please be looked at.

If you would like to keep up to date with the progress of this issue visit Open Report


Broxtowe Borough Council

Editor: You can download the App that Richard used by clicking this link The App is available for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone. You can also report problems from your home computer.

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1 Response to Thank You for Road Defects Report


    Government announced money to repair potholes is being given to Nottinghamshire County Council.

    Lets hope they use it and sort these roads out.

    Last year Nottinghamshire County Council announced they had been given money to repair pavements. What happened to that?

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