New Eating Support Group in Bramcote

Roxy Winterbourne writes: A new support group is starting in Bramcote. It’s called the Emotional Overeating Support Group – it’s rather a long title but basically it’s a peer support group for anyone who struggles with overeating. The idea is for people to offer emotional support and share experiences rather than discuss weight or calories. I’m a co-facilitator for the group, which has been set up by the national eating disorder charity, Beat, with money from the Department of Health.

There’s already a group in Nottingham which meets on Mansfield Road but we wanted to set one up on the south side of the city. It will take place on the third Wednesday of every month (so the first group will be Wednesday 18 June), 8-9.30pm in Bramcote Memorial Hall. Anyone who feels they would benefit from it is welcome – we aim to create a friendly, non-judgemental atmosphere. If they have any questions about the group, the contact details are 01603 753307 or

There’s also information about the project here:

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