Pot Holes on Town Street

Iain McFaul writes: I would like to raise the issue of the pot holes on town street. Near the park and nursery, as I drive up town street from the roundabout, I find myself driving on the opposite side of the road in order to avoid them. Has this been mentioned before?

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5 Responses to Pot Holes on Town Street

  1. Steve Austin says:

    Nottinghamshire County Council are responsible for repairing pot holes on Town Street. There has been discussion about pot holes in the past on Bramcote Today and at the Bramcote CAT Meeting. Side Roads are inspected and repaired once a year and more major roads and bus routes more frequently. (The A52 is not the responsibility of the County Council.) Roads are marked for repair once a pot hole reaches a certain depth. There may be a delay in carrying out the repair if more urgent work comes along.
    If you think there is a problem on Town Street which is a bus route that needs addressing, contact the County Council through their website, email Laura Trusler, Senior Highway Liaison Officer, Highways South at Nottinghamshire County Council – laura.trusler@nottscc.gov.uk or take the matter up with our County Councillors Stan Heptinstall or Jacky Williams.

  2. I have contacted Laura Trusler at NottsCC about this and she has arranged for a senior inspector to investigate.

  3. Barry Morrison says:

    Stan. One of the problems is the total disregard by HGV’s of the 7.5 ton warning sign at the bottom of Town Street

    • Steve Austin says:

      I was ‘squeezed’ by a large lorry on the bend at the top of Town Street on last Wednesday morning so I know heavy vehicles do flout the limit. The question is how frequent is it ? Comments about this problem are always anecdotal. Facts are needed.
      We have dealt this several times on Bramcote Today. Managing the weight restriction is the responsibility of the Trading Standards Department of Nottinghamshire County Council. You can report infringements through their Lorry Watch page on their website at http://www.nottinghamshire.gov.uk/travelling/roads/traffic-management/bridges-lorries-and-abnormal-loads/lorry-watch/ Trading Standards will then decide what action to take. The point is: If you don’t report anything, nothing will happen.
      What is needed is an organised period of monitoring. Perhaps our local Councillors or even aspiring Councillors would like to take the lead on this.

  4. Stan Heptinstall says:

    Here is the response from County Council about the reported potholes:

    “Town Street is inspected on a routine monthly basis with the last programmed inspection being undertaken on 29/04/14. The Senior Risk and Insurance Officer advises me that during this inspection no defects that breach our safety intervention levels for action were noted. The Officer stated that the aesthetic condition and ride quality of the road is not ideal, however this is in the main due to surface course stripping and failure. Unfortunately this type of defect, despite its irritation to road users does not meet our safety intervention levels for repair action. He has passed his assurance that we will continue to carry out repairs on this road to ensure that it remains in a safe condition for highway users.”

    Regarding breaches the use of the road by HGV’s please do as Steve suggests and report all incidents via the County Council website. It is only with factual information that anything can and will be done.

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