GPs Urge Extra Care As Air Pollution Continues In County

With moderate levels of air pollution in the county, GPs in Nottinghamshire are urging people with respiratory conditions to take extra care  – especially if they have lung or heart condition. The advice comes as levels of air pollution continue to affect large parts of central, southern and eastern England. Dr Guy Mansford, Clinical Lead for NHS Nottingham West Clinical Commissioning Group said: “ The smog may look unpleasant but most healthy people won’t notice any problems, however,  people who have heart conditions or a lung diseases –such as COPD or asthma may have noticed their symptoms have worsened recently.

 People who use an inhaler should adjust their treatment as they would do if their symptoms get worse. Talk to your GP or call NHS 111 If you have any concerns and avoid any strenuous outdoor activity if you have noticed that your breathing is affected.”

 For further information visit the Defra’s UK air information resource pages and from Defra’s freephone helpline on 0800 55 66 77. The helpline also offers health advice.

 The Health Protection Agency also has information about smog and air pollution.

Sent by Barrett Luke (GEMCSU)

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