Broxtowe Borough Council Criticised for Considering Funding Nottingham Playhouse

Nottingham PlayhouseCouncil Taxpayers have launched a campaign criticising Broxtowe Borough Council’s plans to look at funding a city centre theatre.

Deputy Mayor Councillor Stan Heptinstall has suggested that Broxtowe Council might help Nottingham Playhouse following the decision by the county council to scrap a £94,500-a-year grant.

However, people living in Broxtowe took to Facebook saying that any money spent on the theatre would be better used within the borough’s boundary.

Read more about this story at Nottingham Post Web Site.

Stan Heptinstall writes: I think my views come across in the article in the Post. People have a right to disagree with me but I think I am taking the right line on this. It is highly unlikely that we are talking about a lot of money here and, in my view, it would be money well spent.

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4 Responses to Broxtowe Borough Council Criticised for Considering Funding Nottingham Playhouse

  1. Ian Blakeley says:

    Whilst I do agree somewhat with Stan’s idea about the Playhouse, mainly because my wife and I enjoy an occasional visit there, at the present time I think that it is a non starter. If the council has the odd £30k to spare for the support of the theatre why not dump the garden waste collection charge instead. Should it not be as much as £30k then the garden waste charge should be reduced accordingly. Unless Stan is thinking of only giving a tenner.

  2. Peter Chatfield says:

    I would not consider money spent on the Playhouse to be a total waste as I am sure many Broxtowe residents attend the performances there. Perhaps Broxtowe Council could invite other Borough and District Councils such as Rushcliffe to share the burden or perhaps some from neighbouring authorities in Derbyshire or Leicestershire whose residents make use of Nottingham facilities.

    • Ann Hart says:

      We need to work locally but we benefit from Nottingham city ‘hub’ and should support its cultural focus as we are able.

  3. Stan Heptinstall says:

    Please don’t get the idea that we are talking large sums of money here. There is no way Broxtowe can go anywhere near the level of funding taken away by Nottinghamshire County Council. My proposal is for a relatively small sum to be set aside to ensure a continued focus on provision for Broxtowe residents and not just the City.

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