Broxtowe B.C. have temporarily run out of Brown Bins

Brown BinThanks to the fantastic response from its green residents the introduction of service charges for Broxtowe Borough Council garden waste collection scheme looks set to be an unprecedented success. The uptake is so good the Council has already run out of brown lidded bins used for the scheme and is asking residents for their patience whilst they obtain additional supplies.

The payment scheme being introduced starts when the garden waste collections service recommences this month but already the number of subscribers has been surprising. The Council is scouring the country for new stock to support the demand.

In order to ensure that the stock shortage does not affect residents garden waste recycling, those who have paid the new service charge and do not receive a new bin before the scheme commences, will be asked to place their garden waste in bags at the edge of their property on the same day as their green lidded bin collection (recycling).  All those residents will be receiving a letter in the post to advise them of this stop-gap to ensure that they can continue to recycle.

Those residents that have subscribed to the service but require a lid swapping on their bin will still be able to use the bin they have even if the lid hasn’t been swapped when the scheme commences.

The new scheme offers residents the opportunity to continue recycling garden waste using a brown lidded bin on the same day as the recycling collection.  In some instance householders have already purchased a brown lidded bin but others have been using a temporary green lidded bin and these will also need replacing.  The scheme has been a fantastic success with almost 3,500 people signing up in the first week and over 1,400 new bins on order.

Cabinet Member for Environment, Councillor Richard Robinson said:  “If you are affected by this and have paid the garden waste collection charge you will be receiving a letter from us.  Support for this project has far exceeded our expectations and our current bin stock just cannot meet the demand so we have put in place a solution in order that householders can still use the service.

We would also like to thank all our residents for their support and we are delighted to see so many are committed to being green and taking advantage of an extended all year round service.”

Residents can still subscribe to the scheme in one of the following ways:

  • Sign up to the service by using the online ‘Garden Waste Service Form’ using this link .
  • Registering at one of the Council’s cash offices in Beeston, Eastwood and Stapleford.
  • By credit or debit card by contacting 0115 917 7777.
  • Returning the reply slip with a cheque, (reply slip) provided on the leaflet currently being delivered to households in the borough.

Charges for the period 10th March 2014 – 31st March 2015 (inclusive)

  • Residents already in possession of brown-lidded bins (no matter the number) £20
  • Residents requiring a new  brown-lidded bin and garden service £30
  • Additional bins are available at £10 each (inclusive of service charge)

From Monday 10 March, garden waste collections will be fortnightly on the same day as the green-lidded bin is emptied, March to November inclusive and additional monthly collections December to February. Exact dates for the winter collections will be confirmed later in the year. The garden collection dates on existing calendars no longer apply.

Collection days vary across the borough and residents are asked to consult their collection calendar.

For full details of the waste and recycling collections schemes contact Broxtowe Borough Council on 0115 917 7777, email  or visit  for more details and FAQs.

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