Anna Soubry MP on Cancelled Operations

A press release from Anna Soubry’s office: Anna Soubry, Member of Parliament for Broxtowe, has suggested the closure of the Stapleford Walk in Centre may have contributed to the cancelling of operations at the QMC and City Hospitals

In a letter to the Chief Executive of Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust, Dr Peter Homa, the Broxtowe MP says, “One of the many objections to the closure of the Stapleford Walk In Centre… was the anticipated consequences for the Emergency Department at the QMC. I fully appreciate the various efforts and measures taken by NUHT in order to cope with the unexpected and continuing demand for emergency treatment, but I wonder if the closure of the Walk in Centre in Stapleford has played some part, however small.”

The letter comes following the announcement that 542 non-urgent elective operations have been cancelled in the last three and a half months. Anna said, “The QMC and City Hospital are staffed by dedicated professionals who will be as concerned as all of us that operations are being cancelled due to the pressures being put on the Emergency Department. I appreciate the Trust has been working to overcome this problem. Nevertheless, I am very concerned that operations are being cancelled on the day and have asked Dr Homa to consider giving patients more notice”.

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1 Response to Anna Soubry MP on Cancelled Operations

  1. Alan Beale says:

    Last summer the issue of the closure of the Stapleford Walk In Centre was fully discussed on this website with the majority of people wanting to keep it open.
    On a post dated 8 July 2011 from Zoe Butler,Head of Patient and Public Involvement, Communications and Engagement Directorate it was stated the “new system ” will:

    1 “Support patients and the local population to help them understand how the new primary care services, better access to GP services and their local A&ampE departments will combine to match or indeed better what is currently provided, both in normal hours and out of hours”

    2 “Developing clear implementation plans that demonstrate the capabilty and commitment of the relevant providers to deliver the proposed services to agreed standards”

    3 “Effectively evaluating all the changes,with a process of review and amendment as required”

    Perhaps it is now time for someone to ask Zoe to carry out her evaluation [para3] to see if standards that were set [para2] have been met and to see whether a better service has been delivered [para1]

    Carrying out the review over summer 2012 will then give an accurate picture of what has happened as the new services will have been in use for 12 months.

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