News from Councillor Stan Heptinstall MBE – 16 April 2012

Stan Heptinstall writes on: Committee system for Nottinghamshire County Council, Donate your unwanted furniture, Flowers on Finsbury, Mary Portas bid for Stapleford, Road and footpath repairs, Save money on nappies, School launches the Stephen Lawrence Education Standard, Stapleford Library opening hours, and Wollaton Road speed cameras plus other items.

Recent Decisions & Initiatives

Committee System for Nottinghamshire County Council

It has been decided that the cabinet/scrutiny system of governance will revert to a committee system from May 2012. Portfolio holders with particular responsibilities within a cabinet will instead become the chairs of committees with decisions being taken within those committees rather than by a cabinet.

This was the system that was in place when I first became a county councillor back in 1997, and I have to say that I prefer this model of governance. It means that several people can have a say in the decisions that are reached, rather than the decisions being made by one person.

At this point it looks as though I will be a member of the following committees: Policy Committee, Economic Development Committee; and Transport and Highways Committee. I will also continue as a member of Planning and Licensing Committee, the Health and Wellbeing Board and the Standards Committee. In addition of course, I will attend Full Council meetings and any other subcommittee meetings to which I am assigned.

Donate Your Unwanted Furniture

Next time you contact Broxtowe Borough Council to arrange for disposal of furniture or large electrical items you will be asked if, instead of the Council collecting these, you would be prepared to offer the items for re-use. If so, and provided the items are in reasonably good condition, they will be collected free of charge. You will be asked to choose a collector and arrangements have been made with three organisations: Family First, Hope Nottingham and the Trent Vineyard Arches Project. The items will be passed on by these organisations to people in need of the items being discarded. This is a brand new initiative from the Waste Recycling Team at the Council and I do hope you will support it. You will even save money because the Council charges for collection of bulky items. Full details are available at

Flowers on Finsbury

Following a request from a local resident, annuals are to be planted on the open drainage area on Finsbury Avenue. This is already an attractive green area and incorporating flowers should enhance the area further. Thanks to Broxtowe Borough Council for their positive reaction to this request.

Mary Portas Bid for Stapleford

The Portas Pilot is a competition that will provide 12 towns nationwide with the chance to get expert help, and up to £100,000, to breathe new life into town centres. Broxtowe Borough Council has made a joint bid for funding for Stapleford, Eastwood and Kimberley. The Beeston Business Community made a separate bid for Beeston.

I was involved in producing a video made as part of the application for funding for Stapleford, Eastwood and Kimberley, which are collectively described as our ‘Erewash Valley Towns’. The idea is to use the popularity of the newly established Erewash Valley Trail as a means of introducing new life into our towns. You can look at the video at

The Beeston video entry is at

Road and Footpath Repairs

From this month Nottinghamshire County Council takes on all responsibility for roads and pavements in our area. The highways staff who were previously employed by Broxtowe Borough Council are transferring to the County Council. Hopefully this will be a seamless process. If you wish to report any issues you will now need to do so directly to the County Council rather than to Broxtowe Borough Council. The number to call is 0849808080. Alternatively you can report an issue in-line at


School Launches the Stephen Lawrence Education Standard

The William Lilley Infant and Nursery School in Stapleford is about the launch the Stephen Lawrence Education Standard. This is all about equality, achievement and good relationships. Launch week is the week beginning 23rd April and anyone interested in being involved is asked to contact the school at Congratulations to all involved for pursing this important national initiative.

Stapleford Library Opening Hours

Last year the hours of opening of Stapleford Library were severely curtailed due to funding problems. Now that more funding has been found, the library will be open for 31 hours rather than 26 hours.

The new hours of opening are Monday and Thursday, 9am-7pm; Tuesday, 9am-1pm; Friday and Saturday, 9.30am-1pm. The library remains closed on Wednesday.

Wollaton Road Speed Cameras

Speed cameras have been erected on both sides of Wollaton Road, Beeston as a consequence of an increased accident rate on this road. Please be careful.

Upcoming Events & Opportunities

Bramcote Care Group

Bramcote Care Group was launched in the 1980s as an initiative of the Bramcote Hills Community Association. Later it merged with the Care Group at St Michael’s, Bramcote. It serves the community by offering help with transport, shopping, collection of prescriptions and visiting the housebound. There are currently 16 volunteers, some of whom have limited availability. All the work is done on a voluntary basis and no payment is involved. One of our residents Pat Witcombe has been the main organiser of the group for many years and is now looking to retire.

Would you like to talk to Pat with a view to helping out in some way? Pat can be contacted on 0115 9284309.

Bramcote Community Action Team

The next Bramcote CAT meeting will be held on Monday 2nd July, 7-9pm.

Please note the change in venue for this meeting. At the invitation of the owners, the meeting will be held at the new Bramcote Hills Care Home on Sandringham Drive, Bramcote. For those interested there will be the opportunity for a look round the home. The tour will begin at 6.40pm prior to the start of the CAT meeting at 7pm.

Bramcote Ridge Group – Walking Festival

To tie in with the Walking Festival in Broxtowe this year (Monday 28th May – Sunday 10th June), the Bramcote Ridge Group has decided to organise a walk over the two Local Nature Reserves on Bramcote Hills. This will take place on Sunday 10th June starting at 10.30am. All are welcome. Meet at the top of Sandy Lane, Bramcote. The walk should take about 1.5 hours.

Love Where You Live Campaign

The Love Where You Live Campaign is a national drive by the Keep Britain Tidy organisation. The aim is to inspire everyone to think about their communities and take action to reduce litter where they live, the places they visit and the spaces they use. To tie in with both the Walking Festival in Broxtowe and Broxtowe’s Love Where you Live Campaign it has been suggested that a walk/litter pick be organised in the Bramcote/Stapleford area. More details later.

Jubilee Hemlock Happening

The very first Hemlock Happening in 2002 was arranged specially to celebrate the Queen’s Golden Jubilee, so it is fitting that, 10 years on, this year’s event will celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. This year the Hemlock Happening will be on Saturday 2nd June, the first day of the long weekend of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations. The event starts at 1pm and continues throughout the day finishing after the firework finale timed for 10.30pm. Full details of the stage programme in the Walled Garden at Bramcote Hills Park, and also the events taking place in the park itself, will be available at as soon as these are finalised.

What is certain already is that this year’s event will be the best ever with more performances and events than ever before. Look out for the special street theatre that will be taking place. Will the Queen’s train prove too long and tangle up whole families? Are kazoos really suitable for music for the coronation? And will the people trapped in the black and white 1950s ever make it into colour? The street theatre is made possible through a grant from the Arts Council Lottery Fund and will involve local people, some of whom may never have acted before. Perhaps you would like to be involved in this? If so, please see the details of the Street Theatre – Street Theatre Invitation [pdf 68kb].

South Broxtowe Jubilee Beacon

Beacons will be lit throughout the nation at around 10pm on Monday 4th June. One of these, the South Broxtowe Beacon, will be adjacent to Bramcote Village with associated music, entertainment, bar, barbecue and bonfire on the Hemlock Scout Campsite on Common Lane, Bramcote. This event is organised by the local scouts and guides and supported by several local organisations including the Bramcote Hills Community Association, the Beeston and District Civic Society, the Lions Club and Sainsbury’s. It is planned that the activities on the campsite will start at around 8.30pm and the event will end with the lighting of the beacon followed by fireworks between 10 and 10.30pm.

Walk and Talk in Broxtowe Borough

Broxtowe Borough’s ‘Walk and Talk’ programme for the rest of the year has just been announced and you can view the details here – Walk and Talk Leaflet [pdf 428kb]. There is something for everyone from healthy walks and buggy walks to Nordic walking and walks after work. There are numerous walks from several starting points within, and close to, Bramcote and Stapleford. The Council is also on the lookout for people willing to become walk leaders, particularly in the south of the borough, to help guide others. Full training is given and no previous experience is required, although a knowledge and love of the area would help. Please contact Julie Cole 0115 917 3711 or visit

Other Notices

Closures in Beeston

The Multistorey car park in Beeston is now closed and will be demolished soon to make room for redevelopment of Beeston Square. Car parking will return for a time during the new construction activities. Wilkinson’s is also closed and plans are in place for new, larger premises for this popular shop within the reconstructed area.

Parking Outside Schools

Considerable problems continue as a consequence of parking outside schools in the Bramcote area at the start and finish of the school day. The areas that have been pointed out to me recently are Cow Lane and Moor Lane. Concerned local residents have also contacted the police. In turn, the police are asking for co-operation in helping resolve the problems and have contacted parents of children at the schools. Ideally, children should be encouraged to use public transport. If use of a car is absolutely essential, perhaps the message should be: do not park and stay – just park, kiss and say goodbye!

Repaving of Derby Road, Stapleford

I am delighted to let you know that agreement has now been reached for a programme of repaving works in Derby Road, Stapleford. This will complete the works that were started some years ago and will take the repaving through to the border with Sandiacre. The works will form part of the 2012/13 Highways Programme.

Three Star Performance for Council Website

Broxtowe Borough Council’s website produced a three out of four star performance in the SOCITM Better Connected 2012 report which reports on the performance of council websites nationwide. Broxtowe Borough Council was the only authority in Nottinghamshire to receive three stars. The result follows news of the website achieving a high level of accessibility and being awarded the Shaw Trust ‘Accessible plus’ rating following a rigorous audit.

Weight Restrictions in Bramcote Village

I am informed that there have been no objections to the plans to limit the use of roads in Bramcote Village by HGV traffic. I believe it is reasonable to assume that weight restrictions will be put in place in the very near future.

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