Care Home Hope to Increase the Number of Bedrooms Allowed.

Bramcote Hills Care Home have applied for planning permission to increase the size of the Home from a Maximum originally allowed of 32 Bedroom Units to 42 Bedroom Units.

The former planning application was approved with a condition that the number of Bedrooms would be at a maximum of 32.   Comments need to be made to Broxtowe Borough Council Planning Department on or before 13 January 2012.

You may find the application details here

The Planning Reference is 11/00782/ROC

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6 Responses to Care Home Hope to Increase the Number of Bedrooms Allowed.

  1. Steve Austin says:

    One has to ask: Do these 42 bedrooms already exist?

  2. David Watts says:

    The rooms already exist, but they are currently designated as day rooms or staff rooms, and the plans that have been submitted show that they also want to move the dining room to fit more bedrooms in there. I’ve asked that this comes before the Development Control Committee if the officers are proposing to grant permission, as I’ve a concern that this may have been the owners intention all along, and the limit on the number of bedrooms was imposed originally for a reason.


    • Steve Austin says:

      The Decision Notice for the original planning application said:
      8. The nursing home hereby approved shall accommodate a maximum of 32 bedroom units.
      Reason. In the interests of the amenity of the residents of the nursing home and to ensure the development has sufficient parking provision in accordance with the polices RC12 and T11 of the Broxtowe Local Plan (2004).
      What has changed since the original application was approved?
      This appears to be discussed in document 0818_VC8Report.pdf in the new application. Where can this be found? It does not appear to be available for inspection on the Planning Section of the Broxtowe Borough Council web site. So is this a valid public consultation as this document is the key to the application?

  3. Ann Hart says:

    While I welcome the Care Home it does seem as if the planning consent has been manipulated.

  4. Alan Beale says:

    If you have a look at the websites for and you will see that they already advertise as having 38 single and 4 shared with 46 rooms having ensuite wc

  5. Debbie W says:

    Has anyone approached the home to ask why they’re advertising 42 rooms when planning permission has not yet been granted for that many rooms and if so, what was their reply?

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