Bramcote Today Shortlisted for National Awards

Bramcote Today has been nominated for national awards in recognition of a successful first six months online. In the past month, the website has been shortlisted in the Best Information and Communication Technology category in the Association for Public Service Excellence (APSE) Service Awards, as well as reaching the final of the Best Community Engagement category of the Some Comms Awards.

The APSE awards ceremony is on 8th September so watch this space! The Some Comms Awards will be announced in early October.

The two awards relating to Bramcote Today focus on Broxtowe Borough Council’s approach in terms of engagement with the Community and obviously the excellent outcome achieved by the Community.

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2 Responses to Bramcote Today Shortlisted for National Awards

  1. Mike Johnson says:

    In addition to the nomination of ‘Bramcote Today’ Broxtowe Borough Council have been nominated in 4 other categories. –
    The categories are: –
    Best public/voluntary partnership working
    Best information & communication technology
    Best service team: Street cleansing & streetscene services
    Best service team: Parks, grounds and horticultural service
    Best service team: Sports, leisure and cultural service
    To see the complete list click this link

  2. Mike Johnson says:

    Further to the above – the Paper Waste Dustbin Collection has just been made in Gateford Close. It is unfortunate that some Shredded Paper spilt from one of our neighbours bins. The Cleansing Operatives attempted to sweep the litter up but only a ‘hoover’ would have worked satisfactorily. The litter has now been blown about the Close. I have telephoned the Council and informed them of the problem.

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